How To Make A Doll Bed? 8 Easy Steps!

How to make a doll bed? Well, you’ll need minimal tools and materials in constructing a doll bed.

While my niece and I were strolling through the shopping windows in the mall, we passed by a toy store and decided to go in.

How to make a doll bed

Since my niece loves dolls so much we went to the doll section.

There are various doll accessories and what caught her the most is a little dollhouse.

She wanted to buy one for her little Polly but the dollhouse was too small for her doll.

So we agreed that I will make her a doll bed instead so she can sleep with her doll in her room and playhouse there.

So we went to the arts and crafts store and selected the materials to buy for the doll’s bed.

We had meals before we went home and took some take-out orders for snacks while we do our little project.

She was so excited when we got home and started with our plan. So if you are planning to make one for your loved one’s doll too, come along with us.

I’ll fill the details of the step-by-step guide in making a doll bed just so you can follow along.


Doll Bed

A doll bed is usually a common toy you’ll find inside a little girl’s room.

You can put your doll or teddy bear to sleep while the kid sleeps too.

A doll bed can be made from either wood or cardboard and even metal.

Although we’ll be dealing with cardboard this time.

There are some doll beds that ready-made items but in our case, we’ll make one from scratch.

So stay tuned and let’s get started.


Steps To Make A Doll Bed

I will teach you how to make a doll bed.

I’ve charted the following steps in making one that could be a good activity for you and your kid.

In making a doll bed, you can do it with the kid around to help you with or all by yourself.

Make sure to follow these instructions to the word to avoid miscalculations and excess materials.


Step #1. Prepare the materials

The first thing is you’ll need to shop to have the necessary tools and materials that you will need for the project.

These materials and tools are the following:

  • Box or cardboard
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Clear glue or glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Materials for the beddings

In making the doll bed with your kids, be extra cautious especially if you are using sharp objects like cutters or scissors.

Before you start with your craft, use some newspapers to make the workplace place neat. Here are some tips to maintain cleanliness in your work area.


Step #2. Make a design

There are various designs of doll beds available on the internet.

But if it’s your first time, you can start with the simple ones.


Step #3. Measure

After you have decided on a design for the doll bed, measure the dimensions for it afterward.

Measure the doll’s height and width too.

This will help determine how big the bed should be.

Add 2 inches allowance both on top and at the side.

Make sure to mark the areas where to cut off.


Step #4. Cutting

Cut the marked areas mentioned in step #4.

You might still see it as pieces but you’ll get the picture when you start to assemble it.


Step #5. Assemble

You could either use glue or a glue gun in attaching the bed parts.

Start with the bed frame then the headers last.

Make sure to have a little allowance for the beddings and mattress of the doll bed.

Attach both the headboard and the footboard of the bed using a glue gun or super glue.

Tape the corners too to cover the holes and add sturdiness to the bed.


Step #6. Paint

The next step is to paint and design your doll bed.

Before painting it in various colors, I recommend you painting it white for the base paint.

Base painting it white will make the colors more visible than painting them the color directly.


Step #7. Mattress

If you have some foam for the mattress, the better.

It will be more realistic that way.

Add some sheets and pillowcases also some blankets.

You can sew the mattress cover down to keep it with the foam.


Step #8. Finishing

Place the doll bed in the doll’s house or beside your kid’s bed.

Now, she can play with it whenever she wants to.


Types Of Doll Bed

There are various types of doll beds.

Their common difference is the material used in construction.


#1. Plastic

Plastic doll beds usually are ready-made ones.

These are commonly found in toy stores and doll shops.


#2. Wood

Wooden doll beds usually are made to order items.

You can also make use of woods as the bed frame just like making a regular bed.


#3. Cardboard

Cardboards are usually used in making DIY doll beds at home.

These are home materials where you can easily find.



Knowing how to make a doll bed and making them with your kids will not only help them develop their creativity.

Together with your kids, a strong bond and connection are established slowly.

Since they made it with you, they will surely treasure it.

The doll bed did not only made your kid happy it gave a sense of sentimental value and effort to create too.

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