3 Steps on How to Make Boat Curtains

Hi guys, I am here to talk about a very interesting topic, and that is How to make Boat curtains. Have you ever traveled on a Boat? If you have, you must have noticed that there is a curtain inside the boat.

Have you ever imagined the process involved in planning, designing, sewing, and installing the curtains? These are what we will be looking out for in the course of this topic. If you are ready to learn, I am ready to give you this information. So, let’s get started!

How to make Boat Curtains


Step by Step Guide on How to Make Boat Curtains

To make boat curtains for your use, follow the steps below on how to make boat curtains.

Step #1: Installing the Mounting Clip

The first thing to do when making a curtain for the boat is to install the mounting clip. If you wonder what mounted clips are, they are simply a clip that will hold the mounting rod for the curtain.

To install this clip, I suggest you place a meter rule over the length of the boat’s window and draw a straight horizontal line over the window. After drawing the line, measure out one inch from both ends of the curtain. This 1 inch should be marked after the length of the curtain.

Next, place the mounting clip at the mark you have just made, drill a hole for the screw that will hold the clip in place. You have to ensure that the hole is not too deep inside the wall of the boat.

After drilling the hole, use a screw and hold the clip to the wall of the boat.

You have to install the mounting clip first, on both ends of the window, and then two other clips between the window to give a total of four mounting clips per window.

Still, on this same step, draw a line below the curtain that is parallel to the one you drew up, and then also install mounting clips on four positions just as you did for the other line above.

Measure the distance between the middle of one of the clips up and a corresponding clip down to get the track width measurement. Mark out one inch from the two mounting clips at the end and then measure their distance apart to get the track length.

Step #2: Pattering the Fabrics

Boat curtains usually use a fullness factor of 1.25%. To get the total width of the material you need for the curtain, you have to do a little calculation (Track length + 2) x 1.25 /2.

As for the length of the fabrics, you have to do the following calculation: height of window + 2 inches + 3 inches for the hem. 

Next, choose a fabric of your choice, and then, with the width and length measured above, measure and cut out the exact quantity of fabrics as required.

Step #3: Sewing the Fabrics

At this stage, we commence the sewing work. First, you will need snap-on tape for the top and both of the curtains. Cut out the snap tape to be the same length as the length of the fabrics for the curtain.

Next, at this stage, is hemming the curtain. Measure out 3 inches from both sides of the fabric and fold to form a hem of 1.5 inches on each side.

Place the snap-on tape on the top and button hem and sew using a sewing machine.

Measure out ½ inch from the other two sides and make a hem of ¼ inch on both sides.

Finally, at this stage, install the snap-on carrier on each of the snaps. What you should get should look like the picture below. Make two of these for each boat window.

Yeah, that is what a boat curtain looks like, and I believe you should be able to make one now. 


How to install Boat Curtains

I have guided you on making boat curtains, but you should also know how to install them on a boat. In the following steps below, I will guide you through the process of installing this type of curtain.

Step #1: You need a surface mount track. Cut this track with a hand saw to meet your needs. That is to be able to cover the entire length of the window.

Step #2: Install both curtains on the mounting track by sliding each of the two curtains to each end of the mounting track. Also, install a stopping loop on each end of the track. 

Step #3: Finally, to finish this installation, carry the curtain and the mounting track and install it on the mounting clip. I explained how to install a mounting clip earlier when I was explaining how to make boat curtains.



I believe you should be able to make a boat curtain by now. I will like you to try it out by yourself and share with us your own experience. Perhaps, I could learn more from you on how to make boat curtains. Please reach out to me via the comment box on suggestions and questions, and rest assured that I will respond to all of them.