How To Assemble Ikea Bed? 7 Easy Steps!

Do you experience having a wrong time learning how to assemble Ikea bed?

If yes, then this article is for you!

how to assemble Ikea bed

The market offers lots of bed designs, but Ikea provides beds for which the buyer gets the privilege to assemble them.

Perhaps, the one who purchased disassembled furniture is a first-timer.

Given that they cannot seek an immediate hand to help, yes, it will be hard.

Instructions are readily available, of course, in the product’s manual.

But often, it comes in diagrams, and some may not understand everything in it.

In short, some seek instructions that are word for word.

This time, we will delve into straightforward and comprehensive steps on how to assemble an Ikea bed.


Easy Steps To Assemble Ikea Bed

Ikea beds come in complete packages.

Everything you need is already there.

So, the question that’s left is, “how to assemble an Ikea bed?”

In this article, we will entirely depend on the materials that are present in the package.

Also, it is suggested to have the assembling process with the help of one or two.

But, if you have none, well, I believe you can still finish the task.

Yes. It’s that easy!

Here are the steps on how to assemble Ikea bed:


Step #1. Unpack everything

First, you have to check if the store delivered you the whole package.

I mean, nobody’s perfect.

There are times that light faults are present because of logical reasons.

So you have to consider checking everything.

After that, you can proceed to unpack.

The unpacking stage includes your task to group the materials.


Separate the panels to the footboard and headboard.

Make the woodworks lean on the wall so that they will not occupy too much space.

Next, you have to categorize the screws with their kind.

Simply based on their appearance, as well as the plugs and tools provided.

Now, let’s proceed to the assembling proper.

Are you ready?


Step #2. Setting the side panels

The package includes two panels—one for the right and another for the left.

Also, take note that the plucks and locks are provided along with the box.


Securing the wooden plugs

You may wonder why there are two sizes of plugs available, but for the side panels.

We will use the smaller ones – twelve of them all in all.

Positioning the panels with the lengthier side on the floor.

You will observe two holes embedded vertically and three holes in the horizon.

So three plugs will be used on each side.

Two of which will be secured in the vertical holes and one on the middle hole of the horizontal group of holes using a hammer.

Just make sure that it is secured.


Inserting the circle locks

These locks will hold the frame together.

But, first, you have to locate the arrow sign on each wave to tell you exactly how to put these correctly.

We’re going to use two circle locks on each side.

The arrow must face the hole that’s left unplugged.

Do this on every side.


Step #3. Setting the footboard and headboard

We will set the screws to both the headboard and footboard.

The thing that distinguishes the headboard from the footboard is the thick holes in it.

First, we will embed the 102372 locks on the width side of the board, again, using a hammer.

Each panel must contain 4 of these.

Next, we will insert the 114334 on their designated places using the keys provided.

Do this both to the headboard and footboard.

Take note that you must stop screwing it after the threaded portion of the screw has been embedded in the board.


Step #4. Connecting the side panel to the headboard and footboard

Note that the board with thick holes will be the bottom part of the headboard.

Make this side face towards you, with the wide holes positioned at the upper part.

Now connect the holes, locks, and plugs accordingly.

Don’t worry if there seems a gap between them.

It’s meant to be there during this process.

Use the keys provided in the package to turn the circle locks clockwise.

Then this would be when the gap disappears.

Do this on both sides.


Step #5. Setting the top part of the headboard

One side of the last board has six holes, 3 of which are smaller.

Insert the smaller screws corresponding to the size of the holes.

Then, secure it with the keys provided.

The bottom part of the headboard has holes that correspond to its upper part.

Insert the large wood plugs on the bigger holes of it.

Then, secure it using a hammer.

This time, connect the upper and bottom part of the headboard by pushing in the screws and plugs to their proper holes.

Now you might see the bolts going out from the thicker holes of the headboard.

Insert the corresponding nuts to these, but don’t tighten it yet, thus creating a space.

Next, put the plastic spacer on these spaces then you can now tighten the nuts using the keys.


Step #6. Setting the rails

For the rails, align them to the corresponding holes of the side panels, both of them.

Then screw it tightly.


Step #7. Finalizing the set-up

Lastly, put the slots provided between the rails accordingly.

Then, you can now place the mattress in.

Congratulations! Job well done.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to assemble Ikea bed.

I also hope that you enjoyed the process!

Thank you for reaching up to this point in the article.

Your time and effort are very much appreciated!

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