How To Make A Bed Like A Designer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to make a bed like a designer?

Well, if you go through a design magazine or catalog or go to a home store, you’ll probably come across some stunning bed alternatives.

how to make a bed like a designer

What do you think makes space so inviting?

Perhaps, it the exact fold of the bedspread or the abundance of fluffy pillows.

Without a doubt, you put a lot of effort and attention into the design of your beds.

Yes, they’re always the center point of any bedroom. Most importantly, it’s we all spend so much time.

It may seem difficult at first to make your own bed look as wonderful as the experts.

Don’t worry; it is actually faster and easier than you think.

All you need is to spend a few minutes each day incorporating cute items to make your bed appear beautiful and inviting.

Continue reading to learn more!


Steps To Make A Bed Like A Designer

So, how to make a bed like a designer?

Here are the steps:


Step #1. Begin with the base layers and build up from there

Make sure you have a sturdy foundation in place before you start heaping on the cushions.

To keep dust mites, spills, and bed bugs away from your bed, you should have a mattress cover.

You can use this to protect your bed while also increasing its comfort.

Make sure you have plenty of additional sheets on hand.

Just in case, it’s an SOP to have one on your bed, another in your cabinet, and one in your laundry.

Well, you don’t want to leave your bed undressed.


Step #2. Arrange the layers on the sheet according to your preferences

It may not be easy to fold your fitted sheets.

But they are simple to arrange on your bed.

You may make the corners tauter by slipping them up to your bed.


Step #3. On top of the mattress, lay the sheet flat

Check that the flat sheet is uniformly distributed on both sides before laying it on the top.

Ensure the printed side of your sheets is at the bottom of the stack; do so once the sheets you have there are patterned.

For you to obtain a nice appearance, flat sheets should be folded up of your bed and their ends and edges tucked beneath the bed.

Tuck the sheet’s end beneath the bed first to make hospital corners with a clean appearance.

After that, grab the bed’s side edge. Then, try lifting it onto the mattress’s top, stopping about 16 inches from the end.

Make sure that the edge is forming a 45-degree angle with the surface when pressed on it.

The next step is to remove the remaining fabric and tuck it in before allowing the edge to fall.

For you to fix the edge after you’ve straightened it, tuck all the sides under your bed.


Step #4. To finish the design, add a duvet or a blanket

Things are starting to warm up at this time.

Depending on your environment and tastes, put comforters, blankets, and duvets over your sheets if necessary.

I suggest you use a bed cover, a lightweight blanket, and a comforter or duvet; fold it in thirds at the bottom of your bed while shopping for linens.

And this is true even if you have a twin, full, queen, or king bed.


Step #5. Piling the pillows

To protect your pillows from wandering around, place them on your bed and cover them with pillowcases.

When it comes to bedding, try to have shams rather than pillowcases.

It’s because instead of having the patterned that is on one edge only, they have it the way around.

With these things, I’m sure your bed will look more attractive.

My friends, you simply flip it over.

When it’s time for you to sleep, you can go on the side.

You may find washing the shams intimidating.

The best thing to do is to place your sleeping pillows in storage when not in use.

Then, you can change them out each evening to keep the bed looking clean and fresh.

You may also be wondering how many pillows you need to use?

Well, it may be according to your bed’s size.

Much more, you can try to have cushions; they are still necessary for a fashionable bed.

Three is a magical number or, at the very least, an odd number.

For a contemporary aesthetic, cushions of various colors, shapes, styles, and materials should be blended and arranged.

You can also use cushions to highlight design details or contrasting colors.

To prevent spending too much money on your home decor, try to put pillow covers that you can change up seasonally.


That’s All There Is!

Yes, my friends.

You need a few easy steps to achieve that beautiful bed.

The steps on how to make a bed like a designer are a breeze.

Just be patient and religious when implementing what you’ve learned above.

Until then!

Enjoy your bed.

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