How To Keep A Bed Skirt In Place? 5 Easy Ways!

A bed skirt can give your bed a neat finishing, but you might be wondering how to keep a bed skirt in place.

The bed skirt will even be more attractive if it is touching the floor and staying in place.

It must not be falling off, moving, or shifting,

The best way to keep it in place is by securing or pinning it onto the box spring.

In this post, we will be discussing different ways on how you are going to do that.

But before anything else, let us first know…


What Is A Bed Skirt?

Basically, it is a piece of cloth that adds a finishing touch to the bed so that everything in the room will look together.

This is a great way of keeping the room neat and clean since it will cover any clutter under the bed.

The same is true if you have storage down there.

This decorative fabric typically covers the box spring, bed frame, as well as space underneath a bed.

Whatever kind of bed skirt you use, it is still subject to moving and shifting.

Even though it has an elastic waistband, or even if it is a wrap bed skirt, it may still loosen.

Luckily, some ways can be done to secure and keep it in place.


5 Ways To Keep A Bed Skirt In Place

The bed skirt that keeps on moving and shifting won’t be a problem anymore.

We have here some things that you can do to prevent that from happening.

So, how to keep a bed skirt in place?


Method #1. Using bed skirt pins

The most commonly used method is to pin the bed skirt onto the box spring.

For this, you can use pins that are intentionally designed for bed skirts.

They are pins with dual prone and flat oblong heads made of plastics.

All you have to do is to push the prongs onto the bed skirt fabric through the box spring edges.

Just remember that you have to be careful when removing them.

When it’s time to launder the fabric because the fabric may tear off.


Method #2. Using a tagging gun

This tool makes use of barbs tags that will penetrate both the fabrics of the bed skirt and the box spring.

You can also use the tagging gun when attaching the bed skirt onto the mattress’s fabric or box spring.

But take note that this idea may not work if your bed is surrounded by woods or metals.

That is because the needles won’t be able to go through it.


Method #3. Use upholstery twist pins

Many people prefer using some twist pins upholstery since they do not easily displace, shift, or fall out.

They are also less obvious since their heads are just small.

Meaning to say, it is a better choice if you are pinning on the sides of the bed that are easily seen.

In using this to secure your bed skirt, you first need to position the bed skirt.

On top of the box, spring and twist the pins through the fabric, and the box spring.

This is pretty much like using the bed skirt pins.


Method #4. Making use of velcro strips

Another method you can use to secure the bed skirt is by using some Velcro strips.

This is available in your local store or online.

I may prefer using this since it can make it easier for you to remove or install the bed skirt again.

What’s even good about this is that it will not cost you that much.

Velcro strips, in general, have two sections, namely the loop and the hook section.

Using this to secure your bed skirt, you have to attach the hook section onto the bed’s box spring.

The strip has adhesive tape on its back.

After that, you also need to attach its loop section, this time onto your bed skirt.

Then, match the loop and hoop sections from the bedding items.

You will see that the Velcro will be holding the bed skirt so it will not fall off.

Just make sure that the hook strip does not have thread or lint.

This to ensure that its capability to stick will be maintained.


Method #5. Using non-slipping grip pads

When we say grip pads, these are inexpensive pieces of foam.

It is intentionally designed to be sticking between surfaces to prevent slipping.

This is utilized by many for various applications within the house.

There is a particular size of pads that are intended to be used for beds.

In using this, position a grip pad sheet in between the mattress and the bed skirt.

This is an excellent way to prevent the bed skirt from moving.


It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks.

Those are five among the many other methods on how to keep a bed skirt in place.

You should love the bed skirt for it improves the look of the room.

It must not be a problem, and it will only be true when slipping is prevented.

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