How to Assemble Click Connect Stroller

Click Connect Stroller Assembly Instructions can make your life easier. This post will provide you with everything that you need to know about how to assemble click connect stroller. We start by discussing how the stroller is assembled, and then we go through each step in detail.


Click Connect Stroller Assembly Instructions

Steps on Assembling Click Connect Stroller

Step One: Open the Packaging and make sure all parts are there- this is where you’ll find how many screws to use for each component, how long they should be screwed in (with a Phillips screwdriver). If any of your components have come loose or not been properly sealed during shipping, please contact customer service right away as we may need to replace them.

Step Two: Attach the wheels at either end of the frame – This will require two screws on either wheel axle attached with one screw head facing inside and another outside so that it can rest securely against side frames.

In addition, you will also attach four plastic caps onto these ends which help keep dirt out from every possible angle. It’s important that when you screw these in you do not over tighten them as they will eventually cause the plastic caps to crack.

Step Three: Attach bars and belt – You’ll attach two metal supports on either side with an additional bar that goes between them, as well as a seatbelt for safety precautions.

These pieces are all attached using screws but have different lengths so you must install them correctly based on how far apart your frame is at this point (remember how we measured?). Once securely installed, use the included Allen wrench to secure any loose ends of threading around the bolts.


How do you Fold a Graco sit and Stand Stroller?

Step One: Remove the infant car seat – To do this, remove the two straps that secure it in place and then snap off the “L” bracket.

Step Two: Unclick Side-by-Side Seating – Push together on both buttons until they release from each other to unlock a side of seating for one adult or older child passenger.

Step Three: Fold Stroller Frame Into Sit-Stand Position – Lowering the handlebar into an upright position will cause all four wheels to come down onto their lowest points so you can fold up your Graco sit and stand stroller with ease.

Step Four: Storage Bag Included! Folding a Graco sit and stand is easy but how are you going to store it? The Graco sit and stand stroller includes a zippered storage bag that can be used to store the folded up frame.

Step Five: Adjust Your Handlebars – You’ll want to adjust how your handlebars are positioned depending on how you’re going to use them. If this is for an older child passenger, then raise the handles by pushing them towards one another and release them until they click into place as pictured below.

This process will allow your Graco sit ‘n’ stand Stroller’s back seat unit to rise higher while still being at or near eye level with adults seated in front of him/her when standing upright inside of the vehicle (as shown). The same process should also work if using two children or just loading.


How to put a carseat in a shopping cart

Find a cup holder on side of the basket or back door of the shopping cart. Move the seat belt around the frame, so that one end is threaded through the loop at either side (or whichever way you want).

Thread remaining length under the bottom bar; pull tight and wrap over the top bar then thread again, pulling tightly while keeping your hand between upper and lower bars for security. Pull buckles upward until they click into place to hold the strap securely against metal buckle hooks on the underside of the seatbelt.

Repeat the process as necessary. You may need more than one if the store has multiple carts.


How to put a carseat in a Graco click Connect double stroller

Step One: Open up Seat and Remove Wedge Inserts

On the left side of the stroller frame at the bottom, two wedges can be removed. These serve as a barrier when installing an infant carrier or carrying small babies around without placing them on one of their laps.

If you’re using this with older children then they won’t need these so remove them now by pulling straight out on both sides until they come loose from the frame.

Step Two: Remove Stroller Seat and Lower the Base of Carseat with LATCH Connection

Lift on the front edge of the stroller seat to release it from its latch, then fold down so that it rests in line with the back axle bar. Next, lift on both sides of the car seat’s base until they are just above their respective slots located below where you removed your wedges earlier.

Once there, use one hand to hold them still while reaching over with the other hand and pulling downward firmly on the strap connecting them at the bottom centre (where the click-connect system is).

To make sure this part can be done well for each side separately; first, connect the left side by releasing lower tabs before going around to the right side. Now, all you have to do is push the car seat into its slots and attach it with two straps at the top centre of the base near where it connects to a hinge just below.


How to put a carseat in a Duoglider stroller?

A car seat can be put in a Duoglider stroller. Make sure the click-connect system is pushed down and release bottom tabs on each side of the base, then pull the strap to secure it. A recline footrest should help with how far the seat goes back when you are putting your baby into their new ride!


How to fold a Duoglider stroller

To fold the Duoglider stroller, just flip the handle up and press on each side of the base to release bottom tabs. Slide one hand under the seat or use a car ramp (made for joggers) with the other hand on the back of the frame.

Once unfolded to the desired length, pull the strap down from the top centre near the hinge then spread sides apart sliding it into position to lock them together by pushing against them firmly until they snap closed. The Duoglider is now ready for storage!


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