Stroller-to-Car Seat Connection: How to Attach Car Seat to Graco Stroller

If you are a parent, then it is likely that you have purchased a Graco car seat for your child. The car seat attaches to the stroller and allows your baby to be comfortable while riding in the stroller or being pushed around in the shopping cart. This blog post will cover how to attach the car seat to the Graco stroller properly so that there is no risk of injury.


how to attach car seat to Graco stroller

Steps on Attaching Car Seat to Graco Stroller

Step 1. Open the Graco car seat’s buckle and unclip it.

Step 2. Unfold the stroller so that you can access the lower part of its frame.

Step 3. Locate your car seat’s attachment points on either side of its base and open them up like a clamp to reveal where they attach onto the bottom of the Graco stroller.

Place these two attachments at their respective locations underneath the top portion of your Graco stroller, lining up both sets with how thick or thin each one is, before clicking them into place securely by pressing down firmly on each cord until they are locked in tightly; continue this process for both attachments.

Now wrap those clips back up around themselves and push them back into place with your fingers to lock them into position before releasing them.

Step 4. Align the car seat’s top portion of its base at how far back or forward it is and how wide or narrow, as well as how close together they are on either side of the Graco stroller frame so that you can get a good idea of where they should be placed; use these spots to help guide both attachments in properly.

Step 5. Now when you push down firmly on each cord locks everything securely into place by pressing down firmly until they are locked in tightly.

Step 6. Continue this process for both attachments, wrapping those clips back up around themselves and pushing them back into place with your fingers to lock them into position before releasing them.

Now if you want, you can also do the same for your handlebar, making sure that it is secure and tight before you take off with this car seat mounted to the stroller.


How do you use the Graco click Connect stroller?

To use the Graco click Connect stroller, you first need to remove it from its packaging. Set up your car seat by attaching it securely and tightly using both straps for added security.

Then attach this universal attachment strap that comes with the stroller to the back of your car seat base before clipping on any wheel formers or wheels themselves onto each side of the frame so that they will provide additional support while allowing for easy manoeuvrability when used as a jogging stroller.

You can also do this step in advance before putting together your carseat if you are given these attachments at birth; just make sure the wheels are removed and stored in a safe place.


How do you put a carseat in a Graco click Connect double stroller?

The Graco Click Connect Stroller can be used with any car seat, but to attach the carseat to the stroller, you will need a universal attachment strap and an adapter.

The straps should go over each shoulder of the baby carrier before attaching them tightly on both sides at your hips so it is more stable for how you are using the stroller.

The seat on your carseat should be reclined towards how you want it to sit while in the Graco click Connect Stroller and attach with straps or a buckle that is included with each strap.

You can purchase an adapter for about $20 from Target, Walmart, Amazon, BabiesRUs (or any other store that sells a Graco stroller).

To put the carseat on your click Connect Stroller, just slide it in and secure with a latch or buckle. Once you are finished using your stroller, detach it from how you want to use the seat- such as how reclined or upright. Detach by lifting on the strap until it clicks, then detach from the click Connect stroller.


How do you unlock Graco stroller modes?

  • Locking the front wheel – how to attach the car seat to stroller Graco
  • Loosening the strap on your child’s harness or tightening it, depending on what type of restraint they are in and how much room they need for their heads during a crash


What types of things can be used with Click Connect Stroller? What else do I need besides my click connect carseat?

Many different items can go onto your click connect stroller such as bassinet (comes with one), parent cup holders (sold separately) which function as a place to hold your drinks, child tray (sold separately) which is like the armrest of an aeroplane seat and also functions as a snack tray for little ones in their seats.


What else do you need besides my click connect carseat?

You will want to have some type of extra storage if you are going on walks or taking trips with your stroller because there isn’t much cargo space in them.

Some people use bicycle baskets that attach to the back axle instead of using this foldable basket underneath the carriage. You can also hang bags off the handlebars by attaching them through loops or clips so they’re easy to access and not dangling down from behind you while pushing your baby around town!

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