13 Ways on How To Keep Baby Warm In Stroller

It’s the middle of winter. You’re taking your baby for a walk in his stroller, but how do you keep him warm? It can be difficult to stay comfortable when outside and many things could go wrong if you don’t take care of yourself or your child. We’ve compiled 13 ways on how to keep baby warm in stroller so that you can enjoy these winter walks with minimal stress!


ways to keep your baby warm in a stroller

Ways to Keep Your Baby Warm in a Stroller: Simple Tips

#1. Use a car seat cover to keep the wind from blowing on your baby’s face as you walk. You can also use this cover while driving and then remove it when you’re getting out so that he or she doesn’t get too warm from sitting still for long periods. You don’t want them wearing more than they need to be!

#2. Keep blankets in the stroller with your child – if it gets colder later on during your walk, just add another one. Sometimes keeping an extra blanket close by is all that we need; once we have it nearby, our bodies can regulate how much heat we give off better because we know where to find additional warmth if we need it.

#3. Take a backpack and put some extra layers in there, such as sweatshirts or sweaters for both you and your child. When the wind howls, just pile on another layer!

#4. Investing in one of those stroller hoods can be helpful too – they’re usually made out of a thicker material that blocks more air from coming underneath than an ordinary blanket does.

#5. Putting hats on babies is always a good idea because their head has about twice as much surface area exposed to the cold compared to adults’. To keep them warm, make sure they wear clothes with cuffs on sleeves or pants legs so nothing blows up around their neck when crossing the street – this will help protect against drafts.

#6. You should also use a blanket or a stroller cover that you can zip up around the baby – even if they’re sleeping how drafty air will wake them.

#7. If it’s really cold out, don’t forget to buy some seat protectors or cushions for your own bottom so you won’t be freezing! When everything is together and secured tightly with bungee cords, go find somewhere warm to sit down and relax while sipping on hot cocoa (or something stronger).

#8. Be sure to dress in layers too – no one likes frostbite from sitting on an ice pack all day long. Winter boots are mandatory footwear when taking your child outside during these months as well.


How do you keep a blanket on a stroller?

A bungee cord is a great way to keep the blanket in place on the stroller. You can use one or two depending on how big your blanket is and how much you want it to be a hangover.


How do I know if my baby needs more clothes?

If their nose starts turning red, they are probably cold enough for a jacket! Some babies need extra layers just like adults – this goes for both winter and summertime.

What about onesies?

One of the best ways to make sure that an infant doesn’t get too chilly is by dressing them inappropriate clothing from head to toe with footsies included. It’s also important not to have any loose-fitting clothing around his neck as these tend to get in the way of breathing and this can cause some serious issues.

What about stroller blankets?

If you’re using a stroller blanket for your baby, make sure it’s not too heavy or bulky as these can be hard to balance on top of other items. Fold over excess fabric so that it doesn’t hang down into their face. When they become restless, remove the blanket from inside the carriage altogether to avoid worrying about how much is peeking out when they start kicking and moving around!


How do I Keep My Baby Warm in the Pram?

If you’re using a pram, all of the above can be followed. A stroller is wider than a pram and it’s easier to balance blankets on top; however, if your baby likes being snuggled in against their parent or caregiver then this option might not work for them as they’ll feel claustrophobic inside.

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How Does car Seat Clothing Help me With Keeping my Child Warm?

A lot of moms get frustrated when they have those winter coats on either themselves or their children but then their car seat is exposed to the cold. They end up either having to take off a coat or make sure there’s enough coverage for both of them.

What can I do?

There are actually jackets and blankets made specifically for being placed on top of your child’s car seat, so you don’t have to worry about how cold they might get during that time commute! You’ll be amazed at how much warmer it will keep them in those moments when you need just an extra layer (or two) while waiting in long lines outside with all three kids piled into the stroller.”


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