How To Measure A Sofa For Your Room? 3 Best Tips

If you’re unsure how to measure a sofa for your room, we have compiled all the techniques in three easy steps. You will learn how to measure the paths, spaces, and the couch itself to ensure that you’ll have enough room for it. But before we get started, we recommend that you also read this tutorial on measuring a sofa for slipcover

This measurement guide is slightly different, but it will help you understand all the sofa dimensions. 

How To Measure A Sofa For Your Room


How To Measure A Sofa For Your Room Before Buying


Step 1. Plan your maneuverability 

Before measuring the room itself for the sofa, the first places to check are those included in your path upon the furniture’s delivery. The couch might fit well in your room, but the passages, doorways, and stairs might be incompatible with it, regardless of its orientation. Start taking the width and height of these entryways.

You’re taking these measurements inside the doorframe, especially if you’re moving the sofa through narrow doors. Then, take the clearance length between the interior and outside wall if needed. Depending on your home, you also have to consider corners and other fixtures, and more significant pieces of furniture that might obstruct your path. 

What about stairs? Get the width of the stairs but don’t forget to measure it diagonally as well. Remember that the clearance you’re aiming for is four inches less than the numbers you’ll get. 


Step 2. Take the room size

Once you’re confident that you can maneuver the sofa from outside to the room, you can take the room size. You might have a specific sofa placement in mind, but the space in the room won’t allow it. Remember that the sofa is not the only bulky piece of furniture in the room, and even the windows and fireplace can affect the space you can provide for it. 

Furthermore, you should have enough room to move the furniture around from the entrance to the walls. If you can still fit the couch in the dimensions at this point, proceed to take the width and length of the room. And finally, never overlook accounting for the room’s height to ensure comfort for all people. 

Since you are checking your furniture’s height, it might help you even further to know how tall a sofa table should be. This piece should complement the sofa well, and its height is crucial. 


Step 3. Measure the sofa

The final trick to ensure that you’ll get the best sofa for your room is taking the couch’s dimensions themselves. Measuring the sofa before buying is not as complicated as it seems. You only need to get the width, height, depth, and diagonal depth of the furniture as these dimensions are enough to give you an idea if you can place it in the room without issues. 

For the sofa width, it’s the measurement between one arm to another. On the other hand, sofa height would be from the highest point at the back of the sofa to the floor. But why are there two depths?

The first depth you must get is the measurement from the outside edge of the seating area going to the back. Then, the diagonal depth is especially crucial for furniture buying because it’s when you make a straight line from the front arm to the back and then measure the back bottom corner to bisect that line. 


How Do You Decide What Size Furniture To Buy?


Available space

Measuring the walkways and the room itself should help you find the right size of furniture to buy. These dimensions are always critical, regardless of the furniture type you’re getting to ensure that you can maneuver and position it according to plan. You also want to get the size of the other items in these areas because they can lessen the available space for the couch. 

For example, those who have limited space can opt for a sectional. Sectional couches allow homeowners to change the orientations of each piece according to the room they have. Rounded sectionals are relatively smaller, but you still need to know how to measure a sectional sofa with a wedge and other types of sofas with unique shapes. 



The second factor that can help you determine the furniture size to get is your expected features. You might need to get a long sofa if you often have guests to accommodate many people. Another instance is when you are a taller individual, and you’ll need the couch to be deep enough to support you while sitting

Remember that sofas are not only there as centerpieces. You are also using them to lounge on or have an area to bond with friends and family. Therefore, consider their functionality when choosing a size to get the most of your purchase. 



Are you getting new furniture? You must know how to measure a sofa for your room. To recap this guide, you will start with taking the dimensions of the path and then the room itself. You’ll use the numbers to know if a sofa you’re eyeing is worth getting. 

You can also start with measuring the sofa and then plan your maneuverability. It would be helpful to arrange the items in the room to accommodate the new couch. 


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