How To Adjust Aeron Chair: 9 Basic Factors To Consider

Having one of the best chairs, you should know how to adjust Aeron chair the proper way. Learning is the best way to find comfort. You don’t have to get in trouble figuring out how you’ll do it — just read and you’ll get all the help you need.

Making adjustments on your Aeron chair is not as strenuous as adapting to a new working environment. There have to be easy ways which you can achieve in just a few simple steps.

how to adjust aeron chair


Adjusting An Aeron Chair Properly

An Aeron chair is very modifiable. You can adjust its various parts without any hassle.

  • Seat Height – When adjusting the seat height, use the paddle-shaped lever on the right side of the chair. If you want to raise the seat height, lift the lever as you take off your weight from the chair. For lowering, lift the lever while you are seated.
  • Tilt Tension – For tilt tension adjustments, use the long stem with a knob on the right side. For increasing the tension, turn the knob forward (clockwise direction) while you are seated. If you want to reduce tension, turn the knob to the opposite direction (backward or in a counterclockwise direction) while seated.

When you haven’t reached the desired tension after one turn, you can do multiple turns until you get the right strain.

  • Arm Height – Adjust arm height through the wheel on the base of the arm support. While seating, turn the wheel upwards until the arm loosens. Hold the base, raise or lower it to the desired height, and lock it by turning the wheel downward.
  • Arm Angle – To adjust the arm angle, use the front of each arm pad. If you want to swing the arms in and out, hold the front end of the arm pad and rotate it to the left or right.
  • Posturefit Adjustment – To engage and disengage, use the knob on the right side of the chair. Pivot the knob clockwise (forward) to engage and pivot counterclockwise (backward) to disengage.

Take note that when making this adjustment, you should sit with your back in the pocket of the chair back. It will allow you to effectively adjust with your spine properly aligned and with lower back comfort.

  • Lumbar Height – Using the thick pad on the back of your Aeron chair, you can adjust the height of the lumbar. Apply an equal amount of pressure on both sides of the pad, raise or lower the lumbar to the desired height.
  • Lumbar Depth – With the same pad you used to adjust the lumbar height, adjust the lumbar depth. On both sides, exert an equal amount of pressure and lift the pad off its track. Flip it and put it back. (Take note that the sides of the support pad differ in thickness)
  • Forward Tilt – In this adjustment, use the front lever on the chair’s left side. When positioning the chair forward, lift the lever all the way up while leaning back, then lean forward.

Usually, a forward tilt position is used when seat height is increased. This helps relax your knees, ankles, and the bend of your waist.

  • Tilt Limiter – On the left side of the chair, grab the rear lever. Limit the tilt range by reclining as much as you want. Then, define the limit by moving the lever up.

You can still move forward, but you can take readjustments as desired. For releasing the tilt limiter, you have to lean forward and press the lever down.


What makes the aeron chair special?

With its ergonomic design suited both for leisure and work purposes, the Aeron chair is undoubtedly one special chair. It was also dubbed as “America’s best-selling chair” in 2010 and was featured in the Museum of Modern Art‘s permanent collection. Imagine that!

Its flexible adjusting features will give you the luxury to sit comfortably in whatever position you desire. Despite being full mesh and unpadded, this chair is surprisingly comfortable which is brought by its incredible tension adjustment and numerous locking positions.

It is made of recycled materials such as steel, glass-filled nylon, polypropylene, aluminum, and glass-filled PET. These high-grade materials comprise  the chair’s undeniably high qualities.


Is the aeron chair worth it?

The Aeron chair, together with the other chairs made by Herman Miller, never disappoints when it comes to the materials used and design. It is expensive since the effort and time spent on the design and craftsmanship transcribe into a part of its cost.

Durability is something that an Aeron Chair is appreciated for. It can last you 12 long years at the least, which is something hard to get from a cheap chair. It is definitely a good investment!



Comfort takes feats. Learning how to adjust Aeron chair may be easy but still needs the right amount of action — just a little more than nothing. An industrially designed chair is a great investment, so you must at least learn how to enjoy its glory.

An Aeron chair is a good-for-nothing craft unless it is used to its maximum efficiency. Now go, adjust your chair, and experience how to sit in a paradise-like haven.

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