2 Quick And Easy Ways On How To Adjust Office Chair Tilt

Being uncomfortable with the way your office chair is unusually tilted is the worst feeling ever. However, learning how to adjust office chair tilt is the key!

You do not need to find answers elsewhere because you have come to the right place. So, to solve your problem, better continue reading this as we guide you to two quick and easy steps in adjusting your office chair tilt.


how to adjust office chair tilt

How Do You Adjust Your Office Chair Tilt?


Adjusting the tilt tension

Tilting your chair allows you to move the back and the seat of the chair back and forth. It brings you ease of moving throughout your working day. To know whether your office chair tilt needs to be adjusted or not, carefully sit on it and slowly tilt it backward and forward.

If you notice that you can tilt it too easily, or if it requires too much force and effort to tilt it, you need to adjust the tilt tension of your office chair. To do that, temporarily get off the chair and locate the knob underneath the chair’s seat.

Once you have located the knob, you need to adjust the tilt tension depending on how much you need to adjust it. To loosen the tension, carefully rotate the knob clockwise. If you want to tighten it, turn it counter clockwise.

You need to keep rotating the knobs until you have gotten the proper tilt tension you and your office chair need. After finding the correct tilt tension, it would be better to re-check if you are already comfortable with the chair.


Locking the tilts

Locking the tilts of your office chair enables you to have an upright position while being comfortable with the tilt tension you adjusted earlier. However, doing this depends on you.

If you want to lock the tilts and fix the chair into one position, you need to locate the lever underneath the chair’s seat, near the knob. Once you have found it, try pushing the lever if you want to lock the tilts. Otherwise, pulling it will remove the lock.

Mastering these movements will help you in doing your work comfortably without any difficulties in controlling the adjustments. It would help you a lot if you got used to adjusting these effortlessly to worry less about it anymore.

Note that certain office chairs vary when it comes to where you can locate the knobs and levers. With that, you only need to know where to find and adjust them.


Why Is Chair Tilt Important In An Office Chair?

Using an office chair when working is essential. However, having the ability to tilt it is more important. The following are the main reasons why a chair tilt mechanism is vital in office chairs.

  1. An office chair tilt mechanism allows you to adjust your office chair back and forth, making you feel more comfortable with your seat
  2. Being able to tilt your office chair ensures that you will have a proper posture when working
  3. When adjusting your office chair tilt, the adjusted position of the chair reduces the pressure on your lower back
  4. Having an upright posture as you can tilt your office chair lightens the circulation of your blood throughout your body
  5. Tilting your office chair to the way comfortable for you also helps you in balancing your weight


What Should You Consider When Choosing Office Chairs?

Since an office chair helps you a lot in your officework, you should never settle for less. You should always choose the best office chair with the best set of qualities. With that, here are some things you need to remember when selecting an office chair.

  1. Before anything else, choose an office chair with the perfect size for you and your back. An office chair that is either too small or too big for you will cause you discomfort in using them
  2. Make sure that your office chair possesses tilt mechanisms and a height adjuster for you to be able to adjust your chair comfortably
  3. The controls of the chair should also be easy to use to avoid difficulties
  4. A comfortable office chair should have a stable five-point base, which makes you move easier from place to place
  5. In terms of comfortability, select an office chair with a soft backrest to avoid pressure on your back and comfy seats and armrests to provide an easement to your thighs, knees, and arms during working hours



If you are currently encountering any troubles with your office chair tilt, it is an excellent decision to read this article. Since we’ve already discussed how to adjust office chair tilt, you can now work on yours!

You should remember that you only need to locate the knobs and the levers and adjust them accordingly, depending on your choice. By following this simple instruction, you already solved the problem! You can now sit comfortably on your office chair.

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