How Much To Replace Water Damaged Ceiling: A Helpful Guide

This article is perfect for those who are interested in how much to replace water damaged ceiling. If you stay in touch with this worthwhile read, we’ll also include some helpful tips to save up money if you plan to replace or repair a water damaged ceiling.

In addition, this article is divided into four sections. These sections include the following:

how much to replace water damaged ceiling
  1. Range of cost for every type of repair;
  2. Types of ceiling and factors affecting water damaged ceilings; and
  3. How can I save up money on replacing a water damaged ceiling?

Note: For the accessible location, these are the titles of each section.


Range of Cost For Every Type of Repair


Ceiling replacement cost

The average cost for ceiling replacements is around $830. However, you can get services that will range from $474 to $1,186.

Replacements are done when your ceiling’s old, or it has already fallen since it’s already damaged because of water. If your ceiling’s in despair, it’d be best if you replace the whole ceiling, especially if it also has water damage.


Ceiling water damage repair

For water damage repairs, you can find prices that range from $1,660 to $2,000. The average cost is around $1,840.

When you plan to repair your water damaged ceiling, you should consider the extra cost that you’ll spend. Aside from the repair cost, you have to compute the budget for the extras to give the best feature for your ceiling. It includes the following:

  1. Disposal – This is included when you are about to replace large parts coming from your ceiling. You have to pay for materials disposal, not unless your tradesperson’s willing to do this for you with no pay.
  2. Features – You’ll be required to include to your budget if restored with any delicate features.
  3. Repairs – It will be necessary to have extras, mainly if it follows water damage. An example has burst pipes, so it’s essential to fix your electrical connection.
  4. Finishes – These include painting and plastering.


Small patch and repair work

For a simple patch and repair job, the average cost goes around $208. The general price range that most services charge for starts at $178 to $237.

If there are only minor damages, the possible solution is to proceed to a minor patch repair. This is essential ONLY for small issues. It’ll not work for extensive leakage or internal electrical damage.


Types Of Ceilings



This type of ceiling is affordable and very common. This ceiling’s attached to the joists; then, it has to be plastered over.



This is a common type of ceiling for offices and other suspended ceilings with second ceilings below the central ceiling, covered with tiles. The ceiling needs to be hidden from various shafts and pipes from electricity and ventilations.


Lath and plaster

You’ll commonly see this type of ceiling on old homes. It is constructed by using thin lines of wood. These are covered in a mixture of sand, water, lime, and horsehair.


Factors Affecting Water Damaged Ceilings


1. Experience of a tradesperson

If you’re unlucky to have newbies or inexperienced tradespeople, it’s most likely to have flaws on your ceiling. The more you play, the better quality will be.


2. If a home is listed as a building

If your house is in a listed building, there’s a high possibility that it’ll be more expensive to fix a water damaged ceiling. If you’re wondering why, its ceiling is replicated from the original ceiling, which can require costly techniques and materials.


3. Type of ceiling

Each type of ceiling will have a different cost when you try to replace or repair it.


4. The current condition of the ceiling

When the ceiling has a poor condition, it’s most likely to have a more prolonged and costly repair. If it’s too damaged, we highly advise that you replace the entire ceiling.


5. Size of the ceiling

For large rooms, you’re most likely to have a large ceiling. It depends on the extent of flaws that your ceiling has, and it may be expensive to repair.


6. Level and size of damage

Having broad areas of damage will be costly. If water damage only affected small portions, it’s possible to cost less.


How can I save money on replacing my water damaged ceiling?

If you want to save up money, here are some tips that we have provided for you! If you’re about to replace large portions or the entire ceiling, you should consider taking everything down by yourself.

While doing this procedure, you need to wear safety gloves and goggles to avoid injuries and wounds. You could also move your furniture and lay down some protective sheets on your own to reduce the cost of labor.



We’re glad that you have this article’s point on how much to replace water damaged ceiling. To do this task alone, we suggest purchasing a ceiling kit.

It would be best to note that you might not achieve professional results when you do this task all alone, and these tools should never be used for extensive damages. If you do the task yourself, you can’t complain about insurance from the problem you have caused to your lawyer. We highly advise that you call for professional help to provide you some insurance coverage once the same problem happens.

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