Where To Buy European Size Mattress In USA? 2 Brands

If you want to know where to buy European size mattress in USA, here are two stores that offer them. We will also discuss how different European sizes are from US sizes. You should easily understand the dimensions of each mattress type.

You might benefit from knowing the best stores to buy a mattress as well. While they don’t carry European sizes, they offer beds that have numerous awards and praises. Consider checking them out because you might find a model that will suit you best. 

where to buy european size mattress in usa


Where To Buy European Size Mattress In The US?


Custom Mattress Makers

The most comfortable mattress you can buy should be tailored according to your needs, and the name of this mattress store quickly gives you a clue of what they can offer. If you’re interested in European mattress sizes, check out Custom Mattress Makers. This manufacturer is based in Massachusetts, and they even take requests. 

You can provide the length and width you want for your bed according to the dimensions of a European size. Buyers also note that Custom Mattress Makers offer a competitive price range for their mattresses. However, most beds will take several weeks to process from manufacturing to packaging, and you might wait up to 5 business days more once your mattress is shipped. 


Axel Bloom

If you are in Los Angeles, California, you can try visiting the showroom of Axel Bloom. They offer both American and European sizes, and they can also customize according to your preferred dimensions. But if you can’t visit their showroom, Axel Bloom also delivers from LA or from their factory in Austria. 

Another fantastic thing about Axel Bloom is they also have bed frames. Since European size mattresses have unique measurements, they will also require special support systems. You can complete your bed with Axel Bloom to save you the hassle of finding the bed frame that will complement your European mattress. 


What Are European Mattresses?

European mattresses refer to mattresses that follow the European measurement standards. And much like how the US and Europe differ in measurement systems and other sizes on items such as clothing, you will also find differences in mattress sizes between the two. However, it’s also worth noting that UK and Ireland sizes are also different from continental European sizes. 

The UK and Ireland mattress sizes come at single, double, king, and super king instead. Furthermore, remember that you will find European mattress sizes measured in centimeters than US mattress sizes with dimensions in inches. 


What size is a European mattress?

A European mattress uses European sizes that are single, double, king, and grand king. A single European size mattress measures 90 by 200 cm or 35.5 by 79 inches, while a double European size mattress is 140 by 200 cm or 55 by 79 inches. The king and grand king-size beds measure 160 by 200 cm and 180 by 200 cm or 63 by 79 inches and 71 by 79 inches, respectively. 


Are European Bed Sizes The Same As The US?

European bed sizes are not the same as US bed sizes, not just in measurements, but because some names of mattresses are not even used in each region. For example, European mattresses are single, double, king, and grand king, while US mattress sizes are twin, full, queen, and king. If you compare these mattresses’ size by size, there are also noticeable differences in their dimensions. 

The smallest European mattress is single, measuring 35.5 by 79 inches compared to the smallest US mattress that is twin at 38 by 75 inches. The European double mattress is 55 by 79 inches compared to the US full mattress at 53 by 75 inches. But while US and European beds have king-size mattresses, the US bed measures 76 by 80 inches while the European king bed is only 63 by 79 inches. 


What Is A European Queen Size Mattress?

It’s not common to see a European queen-size mattress, but its equivalent size for the US queen bed is a tad shorter and wider. For example, US queen-size mattresses are 80 by 60 inches, while the equivalent of this bed in continental Europe is 79 by 63 inches. The UK and Ireland also have their king-size bed measuring 78 by 60 inches closer to the dimensions of a queen-size mattress in the US. 

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What Is A European King Size Mattress?

A European king-size mattress measures 63 by 79 inches compared to the king-size bed in the US that measures 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. Furthermore, it’s common to roughly compare the super king bed of the UK and Ireland measuring 78 by 72 inches to the California king in the US that is 72 inches wide, 84 inches long. So overall, a US king-size mattress will be longer and wider than European king beds. 



And that’s it! To recap where to buy European size mattress in USA, you can try Custom Mattress Makers and Axel Bloom. We hope you also understand the differences between EU and US mattress dimensions and names. 

Please consider the length and width of the dimensions we mentioned, and do not be confused. But if you have other questions, feel free to leave us a comment. You can also use our knowledge base for other mattress-related questions. 


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