How Much Is An Air Mattress? 5 Top Factors To Consider!

How much is an air mattress? It depends upon many factors, FYI!

If you have visitors staying overnight, an air mattress is a quick solution that offers them a good night’s rest.

how much is an air mattress

This mattress is also suitable for hosting a slumber party.

Aside from being suitable as a guest bed, this also an excellent companion for camping.

It will offer you both comfort and portability.

Pretty convenient, right?

Typically, air mattresses are made of polyvinyl chloride or commonly known as PVC.

You can inflate an air mattress in just a few minutes.

You can do this manually or with the use of a mechanical air pump.

The price range of air mattresses usually starts from ten dollars up to a few hundred dollars.

This type of bed has gotten a bit fancier throughout the years than just a single piece of plastic filled with air.

Their prices are generally influenced by the additional features that come with it.

For instance, if it comes with an electric pump, then, of course, expect a higher price.

Some models also include added features like ribbed sides, which makes pulling the sheets to the side easier for you and keeping them in place.

And others are designed with built-in pillow tops.


How Much An Air Mattress Is: How To Choose One

So, how much is an air mattress?

The price of air mattresses varies depending on the particular model that you will choose, particularly on its size, materials used, among others.

In choosing the best model, you have to think through several things.

Below are some of the considerations that you have to keep in mind:


Factor #1. Height of the mattress

One of the very first factors to consider is whether you’ll get a single-height or a double-height air mattress.



Most air mattresses that are single-height do not include pumps.

Instead, they are only designed with tubes where you can use to blow air.

This type of air mattress is an excellent choice when you plan on going on camping trips.

That is because it is easy to roll them up. Plus, these mattresses are portable and lightweight.

However, they come with a few disadvantages too. For one thing, they may not be that supportive.

Aside from that, they also tend to deflate quickly.

In any case, if you intend to purchase this for your houseguests, it would be best to get a model that comes with an accessory or built-in pump.



Air mattresses that are double-height imitate a regular bed.

It is much larger than single-height mattresses, making them a better choice if you are looking for a guest bed.

Most often than not, double-height air mattresses include an electric pump making the inflation process easier.

Many models also come with a fuzzy surface made of the vinyl material that helps keep the sheets in place.


Factor #2. With or without sheets

Aside from the one mentioned above, a few double-height models designed with a rib or lip on their side is a great option too.

But this added feature is unnecessary for single-height models.

Since they are short enough, You can easily tuck the sheets into their corners.


Factor #3. Support capacity

There is a maximum weight capacity that an air mattress can hold.

In general, you can find this information indicated on the packaging.

But you have to take note that if a particular air mattress claims to have a higher weight capacity, it does not necessarily mean that they are more durable.

More importantly, higher support capacity is associated with having higher quality than those air mattresses with lower capacity.

Based on some tests, some air mattresses are worse than others with the same support capacity.


Factor #4. Storage

After you have deflated your mattress, it cannot be delightful.

Your bed will look like those unwieldy tarps.

Aside from the fact that it is difficult to fold them, they can also get heavy, which is why it might be a chore for you to carry them.

In any case, if you decide to ball your mattress and tuck them away into the cabinet, chances are, you will be damaging them.

So when purchasing an air mattress, you need to check whether it includes a storage bag.

Also, see if the company provides instructions regarding the proper way of folding and storing it.

You can also check its measurement when folded to determine how much space it would take from your closet.


Factor #5. Is there a need for an air pump?

As I have said earlier, an air mattress priced higher often comes with an electric pump.

This added feature is beneficial in speeding up the inflation process.

Furthermore, finding a pump or its component that will fit in your air bed will not be a hassle on your part anymore.

However, included pumps would also mean that it will be relatively harder to pack and store the air mattress.

Here’s how to inflate an air mattress.

Regardless, if you intend to go camping, you better choose a model without built-in pumps.


It’s A Wrap!

How much is an air mattress?

Air mattress prices vary depending on the particular model that you’ll get.

Generally, it ranges between $10 and $200.

What type of air mattress will suit you before buying is essential to know how much money to allow.

Hopefully, you find the factors listed above helpful.