How To Inflate Air Mattress With Air Compressor?

Your air mattress is useless when it has no air inside it to make it pop the way it should be, so, how to inflate air mattress with air compressor?

It is possible to inflate your air mattress without any tool, but it is harder to do so.

how to inflate air mattress with air compressor

If your goal is getting it done quickly, you have to do it with some tools.

And that is your air compressor. Air compressor is widely used in different aspects, making it multi-use and multi-functional at the same time.

You have to be very careful when using this tool to make it to what desired pop of your air mattress you would prefer to have.

Too much air could make your air mattress explode, so be very careful when inflating one.


Steps To Inflate Air Mattress With Air Compressor

How to inflate air mattress with air compressor? When inflating an air mattress, you have to make sure that you know how to do it, whether you are doing it manually or with a tool.

Doing it manually could do you something easier and fewer fail trials, but it would take a lot of time to finish the whole mattress.

And that’s why we are using an air compressor today, but the question is, do you know how to use one?

Worry less because you’ll be learning techniques today to inflate your air mattress with your air compressor.

Let’s start!


Step #1. Open the package

The first thing you could do when you ordered an air mattress or bought it from a store is to open it. Make sure that it has the quality of what you are expecting.

Run around it and lay it flat on one surface to check if it has damaged or holes to make sure you won’t look dumb filling it up while it has damages that hinder it.

Air mattresses have material that could be scratched and damaged by certain things.

If you don’t want to have trouble with it, check and return it if damaged.


Step #2. Look for the manual

Alright, so this step isn’t new to you. Every time you are going to buy something that needs to be assembled, you will have that manual.

It should also have instructions as to how you should maintain and deflate your air mattress.

It would serve as your guide somehow, especially on the air mattress.

Nonetheless, if your package doesn’t have one, do not worry; I’ll be giving you some tips you’ll need later on.


Step #3. Locate and familiarize

Start checking up on the air mattress you bought if you could remember what it looked like when you bought it, or it has a picture of the bag that’s better.

Look for the manual. It also has instructions about the parts of the air mattress.

Find the valve and try to look at if it matches the size of the hose of your air compressor.


Step #4. Electric or manual compressor

You have two options with you whether to use an electric compressor or just the manual one.

It will depend on what you have with you at home.

Well, you could easily use an electric air compressor, but it might confuse you on how you should use it because it is a bit complicated.

Use a cigarette lighter type of charger.

But you might also want to use a power outlet to charge your electric compressor. You can use the manual to give yourself more and enough knowledge about it.

It could be a one-way or two-way type, so it is better that you know which is which. There are times where you have to charge batteries into it.

Also, you can switch on the power when you are all set and make sure you have checked and arrange the adapter properly to the valve, and no air is flowing out.

Hold the adapter tightly to the valve to keep it in place.

On the other hand, your manual air compressor would require you to use duct tape to secure the connection between your valve and adapter.

There are two types of this, and those are called leg and hand air compressors.

Inflate the air mattress as to what is the usual way of doing so.

As much as possible, be in your most comfortable position, like kneeling or sitting, to make this more comfortable for you.

It could take some time, but patience is what you need.

Once you think it has enough air, then you are good to go.

Remove the adapter and seal the valve, making sure it was fixed to avoid the air from effuse.



Inflating your air mattress is not easy when you are learning to do it with an air compressor which is unfamiliar for you most, especially when it’s electric.

You managed to learn, and we have answered: “How to inflate air mattress with air compressor?” I hope you’ll be able to inflate your air mattress efficiently.

When you want to deflate it after, here’s how!