What Is A Low Air Loss Mattress? Amazing Facts To Know!

There are many mattresses’ designs made for our comfort, and one of them is a low air loss mattress, so what is a low air loss mattress?

It is sad news to know that there’s an increase in the population of bed-bound patients, and this type of mattress is made for their needs.

what is a low air loss mattress

Low air loss mattress provides ease in movement compared to conventional beds that cause skin breakage and rash due to heat getting trapped on its surface.

This type of mattress is a durable, effective, and budget-friendly and proposed treatment for patients’ pressure and back sores.

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What A Low Air Loss Mattress Is

Bed for most of us is our sanctuary, the place for comfort and peace at the end of a busy day.

Our favorite spot in the house is where we can be stress-free, lost in thoughts, and doze off into a calming slumber.

Our favorite bed can also be the origin of pain and anxiety to patients locked in bed because of limited movement and disease.

It can cause discomfort and suffering, depriving them of having a sound sleep while recovering.

Healthcare providers developed a mattress system to address the problem, which is a low air loss mattress.

So, what is a low air loss mattress?

A low air loss mattress system can dramatically lessen pain from pressure wounds, helping patients achieve the amount of rest they needed to recover.

This type of mattress is specifically designed for temporary or permanent bed-bound patients.

The low air loss mattress consists of much inflatable air tubing that systematically deflates and inflates.

This action relieves pain on the body, particularly on the hips, heels, and shoulders, and provides suitable air circulation.


How Does It Work?

Low air loss mattresses are structured to control and avoid pressure sores.

Pressure ulcers are also called bedsores or pressure sores. 

These are the injuries found on the skin and skin tissues due to the long period of applied pressure on the skin.

This injury can happen to anybody though this usually affects the person who is bound to a bed or sits in a wheelchair for a time longer than usual.

Pressure wounds or ulcers are caused by these four major factors: friction, pressure, shear, and moisture on the skin’s surface.

Low air loss mattresses are manufactured to relieve discomfort from these problems and to provide ease and comfort for their users. 

The structure of each low air loss mattress varies on the brand and model design according to its specifications or purpose. 

Still, all low air loss mattresses share common parts and components.

Unlike a conventional mattress that uses spring or foam for support, this mattress utilizes air through air chambers and blowers.

An air chamber is a support-system of every low air loss mattress. 

The adjustable air chamber is a cylinder normally made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Nylon products.

This creates a surface that gives support to patients when lying on a mattress.

Multiple inflatable air chambers found at different points of the mattress distribute the patient’s weight evenly to reduce pressure on the body parts.

Another important component of this type of mattress is the cover.

The mattress covers used are formed to prevent shear and lessen friction on the skin.

The cover’s innovative design wicks away moisture while allowing vapor to spread through.

The mattress cover has tiny holes in its surface that produce air continuously. 

As the air was forced through the tiny holes, this helps to absorb any moisture to keep the patient’s skin dry.

This design also prevents skin pressure on the mattress surface which is the cause of rash and skin breakdown.


Why Is It Called Low Air Loss Mattress?

This mattress is called low air loss because of the tiny holes found on its surface that air to freely move or escape the mattress itself.

As the air leaves the mattress, it moves into the narrow opening between the mattress and its cover.  

The patient’s sweat evaporates as vapor spread through the mattress cover, therefore, aids in removing moisture that causes skin maceration.


Who Can Receive Optimum Benefit From Low Air Loss Mattress?

This type of mattress can be utilized to prevent and treat back sores, rash, and skin breakdown.

A low air loss mattress system is also best for patients who lack sensory perceptions such as neurological disorders and spinal cord injuries. 

It is well suited for bedridden or immobilized patients that need frequent position shifting to promote blood flow.


Final Words

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