Here’s How Much Does A Pool Heater Cost To Install?

Are you wondering how much does a pool heater cost to install? The cost can fall between 1,700-dollars to 4,000-dollars. The installation is simply an excellent way of making the most of a swimming hole in the cooler months. The specific heater types can also be more expensive or slightly less than the estimate. The final cost also includes the pool size and the location of your residence. The propane or gas fuel pool heater is cheap to source and install. You will pay around 1,000-dollars to 4,500-dollars just for the heater and 500-dollars to 1,500-dollars for the labor. Discuss the pool installation with a contractor to figure out the cost of delivery. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


How much does a pool heater cost to install

Installation Cost Of Solar Pool Heater

The solar pool heater is one cost-effective solution for heating a pool. Nonetheless, it is only helpful for consistent and direct sunlight areas. This is indeed an excellent choice if you live in the warmer states of Arizona or Florida. But, the same could not be said when it comes to the colder conditions of Colorado and Minnesota. It must pay 2,000-dollars to 7,500-dollars just for the unit and extra 500-dollars to 2,000-dollars for the labor. But this one can come with a more expensive upfront cost than a gas heater. The energy bill will also become virtually non-existent, particularly when paired with a solar pool cover.


Installation Cost Of Electric Resistance Pool Heater

This heater type is cheap when installed but demands lots of electricity when used, as this also utilizes resistance coils for warming up water and working best in climates and small pools past 55-degrees Fahrenheit, as this can cost 500-dollars to 5,000-dollars. In contrast, the labor can cost 500-dollars to 1000-dollars.


Installation Cost Of Pool Heat Pump

This pool heater type sources hot air in the atmosphere, plus it utilizes it to warm up the water. There are higher upfront costs as compared to other pool heater types. The heat pumps demand a specific electric circuit for them to operate. The device can cost around 2,000-dollars to 6,500-dollars while the labor costs 500-dollars to 1,000-dollars. The heater is energy-efficient, making it suitable for utility bills. But then, it is slower when heating as compared to gas models. You may also be interested to know about pool heat pump troubleshooting tips


Factors That Affect The Cost Of Pool Heater Installation

The price of the heater and the labor costs play an essential part in determining the price. But then, various factors must be kept in mind when hiring a professional for installing a pool heater. Here are more of the extra costs to pay.


#1. The removal of the old heater

You’ll need to pay a small fee when you replace a previous pool heater, as this can cost around 25-dollars to 50-dollars, but most professionals could eliminate the removal fees to the new unit installation cost. Some contractors also perform this service for free, provided you put in a new unit.


#2. Energy costs

This is one factor to consider in the monthly energy bill. The type of heater works differently to impact the utility bill to differing degrees. The gas heater can cost around 200-dollars to 400-dollars every month when utilizing the primary gas line while 200-dollars to 850-dollars every month when using propane. The electric resistance heater costs around 175-dollars to 600-dollars when you operate it. The heat pump can be less expensive at around 120-dollars to 200-dollars every month. The solar pool heater can be your cheapest energy option by a considerable margin that can cost 0-dollar to 10-dollar every month.

There are several ways to reduce the monthly costs when using a pool heater.

  • Solar blanket

This covering features a range of air bubbles in the exterior that trap heat released by direct sunlight, which transfers the heat into the pool water. The solar blanket reduces the energy cost by 50 to 75 percent in a month. The installation of a solar blanket can cost around 50-dollars to 500-dollars.

  • Pool cover

This is very simple when retaining heat and reducing energy costs by around 50 to 90 percent, as this can also cost 650-dollars to 2,200-dollars when buying and installing.

  • Pool enclosure

This is one fantastic choice making the location of a pool in another room of a house, as this will help save oodles on the monthly energy bill. This somehow comes with a pricey installation of 5,000-dollars to 14,000-dollars.


DIY Pool Heater Installation Cost

Install the pool heater by yourself as it is a simple procedure. DIY will save you 300-dollars to 1,000-dollars since you will pay for the heater cost and other materials needed. Go for professional help for electrical, water line, and gas line installation. For one, this is a potentially dangerous and time-consuming project. So, just keep in mind how much does a pool heater cost to install.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how much does a pool heater cost to install. You have to prepare for 1,700-dollars to 4,000-dollars. But also keep in mind the installation costs of solar pool heater, electric resistance pool heater, and pool heat pump. Read related articles; know what is the best pool heater on the market and how much is an electric pool heater.

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