How Much Is An Electric Pool Heater? Read These Awesome Facts!

Are you wondering how much is an electric pool heater? Set a budget for an electric pool heater that costs an average of $750 to $1,500. But the cost to pay every month operating an electric pool heater is $500 every month, in a pool that measures 1,000-square feet of surface area.

As with the heater installation, due to modifications, the installation cost can range from $500 to $750.

How much is an electric pool heater

Keep in mind that an electric pool heater cost is the same as a gas heater, but only it can cost more due to higher electrical current. The increase in electrical current demands would mean making alterations in the wiring upgrades and electrical supply panel, as this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Understanding The Generic Term

An electric pool heater is a generic term for pools utilizing an electric heating component of heating a pool. While there are various types but always, similar principles apply. The electric pool heater uses electricity in heating the element of metal coils. The pool water pumps through the waves and steals the heat, and gets it back to the pool. If you look at a toaster closely while you wait for breakfast to set up, you may have noticed the metal coils that heat up. That is what exactly happens here: electricity does all the work.


Electric Heaters And Their Types

All coolers and heaters work following basic principles considering heat transfer, as this is also no matter where their location may be. What happens after taking water in a pot and placing it on a hot stove? The water pot will heat up, which is called the heat exchange principle, as this is wherein the heating component motions the heat in the surrounding area. It then heats whatever that gets it near to.

The same principle also applies to the pool. You won’t just make soup with it. In the collection, pipes surround the heating element that pumps the water in the pool. The heating component moves the heat in the pool water and returns the water to the pool, giving it a nice and toasty feeling, thus, making it suitable for a dip. The only difference with an electric pool heater is that they come from the heating element or source of heat. You will encounter two main types: electric pool heat pump and electric pool heater.


The Toasty, The Good, And The Bad

The electric pool heater utilizes more electricity to complete the task at hand. You will notice a significant change in the electricity bill upon using it. It will likewise depend upon the climate that you may have no other options for heating a pool. The electric heater is purely advantageous for working in various temperatures.

The electric pool heater is suitable for spa owners considering less water is needed to heat. But if you worry about the utility bill and you like to warm the water fast, this may sound like an ideal option. Pay attention to the wattage the electric pool heater uses. It can cost around $3 to $10 every hour for it to run. The advantages are limitless when it comes to electric pool heaters. These can go from ideal use on spas instead of pools, suitability working in various temperatures, and cheap expense compared to other options. The disadvantages of the electric pool heater are that it uses a lot of electricity, which causes expensive utility bills. It is also proven to be less energy-efficient, and it has many parts that demand frequent repair.


Understanding The Electric Pool Heat Pump

An electric pool heat pump does something different as it utilizes electricity but not precisely to heat a pool. The heat pump takes heat somewhere else to move it back to the pool water. The heat pump takes the heat around as it compresses and decompresses the refrigerant in various stages. It requires a lot to take in, but all in all, the heat pump uses electricity. It uses less to take heat somewhere else than to make it by itself. It may be helpful to read about how long should i run my pool pump.


Swimming In No Time At All

The pool pump or the electric pool heater is an excellent investment for extending the swimming season. You can make use of the pool in the early morning hours and the late-night hours. Get a pool heater to enjoy the pool a lot more often. You’ll find comfort in doing it. No matter what you choose, the electric pool heater is always an excellent option to keep the pool at such a toasty temperature. You must not only forget the pool cover use, as this can help maintain the heat longer and save you more money in the long run. Just be prepared for your money in how much is an electric pool heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how much is an electric pool heater. It can indeed cost an average of $750 to $1,500. That does not include the installation costs yet, so they might as well prepare for them. It will also help if you understand the device and the good, the bad, and the toasty side of it. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to size a pool heater and where to buy a pool heater.

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