How Much Does A Barn Wedding Cost: Is It Expensive

The answer to how much does a barn wedding cost depends on six things, but you can assume that it’s anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000. To help you find the wedding venue that suits your budget, we’ll compare a barn wedding to the costs of other weddings in typical venues. 

We will also discuss if having your wedding in a barn is legal in the first place. But what if you’re limited on a budget that having a reception would be impractical?

how much does a barn wedding cost

Here is what to do instead of a wedding reception to save on expenses but still have a good time with your guests. 


What Is The Cost Of A Barn Wedding?



Similar to other wedding venues, having a barn wedding during peak wedding season will be pricier than holding it at a month that’s not popular for getting married. That being said, you can expect higher costs of a barn wedding if your chosen wedding date is within May to October

The reason for this is the high demand, especially if the barn or the farm where it’s located is popular and well-liked for weddings. A tip is to book before the costs increase, so try searching and getting a wedding barn in November, January, March, or April. 



If you are transforming a barn for the event, then expect that one of the things that will take up most of the expenses is electricity. However, even if the barn is repurposed, you may have specific electrical and lighting needs that still need to be added. 

If wiring is limited, you need to include generators in your expenses for the barn to be helpful for the wedding. And even if you selected a barn venue that already has working electricity, expect that it will be included in the total costs of renting it for your wedding. 

You also want to account for the air conditioning or heating, depending on when you’ll have the wedding. Unfortunately, most barn venues lack these facilities, and those that do will be pricier to book. 



Barns don’t have indoor plumbing, and those that transformed their barn as an event reception have to spend a lot to have it. Therefore, this necessity will increase the total costs of having a barn wedding. 

Couples can also opt for portable toilets or restroom trailers instead. However, note that renting them will be costly, usually at $900. 



Whether renting a barn venue or transforming a barn yourself for the wedding, the decorations will always affect your expenses. You can spend $2,000 and more, and this may not even include the tables, ceremony arch, and other details in the wedding venue. 

Barn venues will probably give a price for each table and decoration. Furthermore, you may want a specific theme for your wedding, which might be pricer than a typical wedding barn look. 



Barn venues will have readily available sound systems, which of course, depending on the type, can cost significantly. But, on the other hand, turning a barn into a venue where you’ll also provide the sounds will be pricey. 

Different types of sound equipment can be expensive, and you also need a way to connect them to electricity. You can also talk with the DJ or band if they bring their equipment. 

Here is how to DJ your own wedding if hiring a music professional is out of your plans. 



Will the barn venue have its own catering? If not, you’ll need to book a separate wedding vendor to provide your food and possibly drinks as well. 

You can spend anywhere from $2,000 to over $5,000 on catering alone. But, of course, if the barn is situated somewhere far, the caterers might also increase their bill. 


Are Barn Weddings More Expensive?

Wedding barns can be expensive at over $12,000, significantly if you’ll transform one yourself into a wedding venue. However, the minimum average cost of a wedding barn is slightly under $6,000, which is higher than other wedding reception’s minimum costs. 

For example, you can rent some restaurants and event centers at a minimum of $2,500, but note that they can also be pricier than barns as some can reach over $20,000. 

Do you have a gym that you can rent for the wedding? Why not learn how to decorate a gym for a wedding as it may cost lower than transforming a barn?


Can You Legally Get Married In A Barn?

You can legally get married in a barn, much like in other locations besides the traditional church or courthouse. However, remember to have the legal documents required for marriage.

First, you’ll need to get a marriage license from your county clerk before the ceremony. Afterward, your officiant will need to file your marriage certificate to ensure that your marriage will be valid.  

As for barn weddings, you also want to verify if the barn venue operates under local land use laws. This will avoid issues in the long run rather than finding out that your venue is closed one day. 



And that’s it! We found out how much does a barn wedding cost, where it can start at $5,000 to $12,000, depending on various factors. 

If you are transforming a barn and not renting a barn venue, expect expenses for the electricity, plumbing, and other needs to make the venue suitable for a wedding. We hope this helped you decide if a barn wedding is for you; leave us a question if you have any. 


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