How Long Do Lilies Live

If you’re curious about how long do lilies live, their lifespan can be as long as two years. This makes them one of the best flowers to grow in the garden and their long blooming duration and lifespan after cutting. However, these numbers are only achievable with proper care and maintenance. 

Lilies are not incredibly meticulous in growing requirements and maintenance practices, but it’s best to grow them somewhere controlled and stable. A greenhouse is a perfect example to ensure that lilies stay protected from an extreme climate that can damage them. Below are some tips on how to ensure that your lilies will live to their full potential. 

How Long Do Lilies Live


What is the lifespan of lilies?

You can expect your lilies to have a lifespan of two years. Remember that lilies are perennials, and one can expect them to last long, even in the wild. However, reaching this lifespan is only possible if you care for your plants properly. 

You can grow your lilies in the greenhouse to ensure that the environmental condition is steady. An area that is bright with fertile and well-draining moist soil should keep lilies happy. For maintenance, remember to maintain the soil’s moisture and provide warmth when they get dormant in winter. 

You can also fertilize your lilies from planting to flowering to boost your plants. Over time, you may need to divide your lilies to ensure that they won’t get overcrowded. The division is an excellent propagation method to produce plants and also maintain crowded lilies. 


How long do lilies bloom?

The blooms of your lilies will depend on the environment and variety itself. For example, lilies can bloom from the start of summer to fall. Gardeners can expect flowers to last between five to seven days from budding to blossoming, and the blooms themselves can thrive for two weeks. 

Fertilizing in spring and fall can also be beneficial for some lilies, especially with their blooming period. Keeping them hydrated should help create healthier flowers. However, harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures will undoubtedly be detrimental to your blossoms. 

Your plants will also benefit from deadheading to help it rejuvenate itself instead of producing seeds. Removing the faded flowers will even make your plants look neater. On the other hand, leave the leaves until fall and remove them once they dried up.


How long do lilies last in a vase?

Cut lilies are also one of the most beloved flowers because they can last in a vase for up to fourteen days. However, proper preparation is crucial to prevent them from wilting early. Start by trimming the stems to an inch at a diagonal direction and then remove the leaves that will touch the vase water. 

This way, the plant can hydrate itself more comfortably, and there will be a slower build-up of bacteria in the water. For aesthetic purposes, you can remove the stamens since pollen can stain. You can then fill the vase with flower food and water at room temperature. 

Regularly check for the water level and cleanliness to ensure healthy cut lilies. You may also need to trim the stems now and then. But besides using bloomed lilies, you should consider forcing cut lilies to open yourself as well for a much longer blooming lifespan.


How To Plant Lilies

To ensure that your lilies will live long, you must know how to plant them correctly. The ideal time to grow lilies will depend on your region, but in general, it’s best to do so before winter so they’ll be established once freezing temperatures occur. You can also plant in the fall, so you’ll have healthy roots by spring. 

A bright area that receives eight hours of sunlight helps produce healthy blooms. The soil itself should also be well-draining, fertile, and acidic to neutral to support lilies. Deeply plant the roots and amend the soil with organic matter as well to improve its quality. 

You want to plant the bulb at a depth that is thrice its height with the pointed side up. Allocate an adequate space among the plants and water thoroughly to help with establishment. The lilies will also benefit from watering when they are actively cooling. 


How To Care For Lilies

You can fertilize your lilies until six weeks after they bloom and then compost and mulch every spring as maintenance. And while the plants do not rebloom in a season, you can still remove the faded flowers to keep your lilies healthy. You can also cut the dead parts of the plant by the end of the fall. 

If your region experiences extreme freezing climates, it’s better to keep the lilies in the greenhouse. This way, you don’t risk damaging your plants with frost. Otherwise, mulch your plants to protect their roots. 



Lilies are one of the best long-lasting flowering plants to grow or keep in a vase. If you’re curious about how long do lilies live, they can last for two years. Lilies can also bloom for two weeks, and those in the vase will thrive just as long. 

However, the emphasis is necessary that these numbers are only achievable if you properly maintain your lilies. The environment should be stable as extreme temperatures, and harsh sunlight can damage lilies. You also want to keep them well-hydrated and fertilize if necessary. 


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