How Frequently Can You Have Indoor Pest Control? Best Guide

To keep vermin out of the home, many would ask, “how frequently can you have indoor pest control?” It’ll all depend on whether you’ll try DIY methods or contact professional services.

The frequency of indoor pest control can be every month or even longer stretches. Let’s go over what you need to know.

how frequently can you have indoor pest control


How Often Should You Do Indoor Pest Control?

As stated earlier, trying your hand at DIY pest control warrants more frequent application. While you may not have too many pests around, applying preventative measures is still a good idea.

You can opt to do DIY pest control every month or two months. If you want to attempt DIY methods but can’t figure out how we’ve got a handy guide on what is pest control.

Now suppose you may have a recurring problem with pests, and DIY methods won’t cut it. If the situation warrants the need for professional pest control, carrying out their services may or may not be less frequent.

For the indoors, you could look at bi-monthly visits from pest control. However, this still depends on the severity of pests and infestations.

It’s important to note that after pest control does its thing, that doesn’t mean that the pest problem is over yet. You need to take care of some things and precautions you need to take before the problem can solve itself. 

Don’t worry about it too much, though. Suppose the infestations were critical, to begin with; in that case, you may have more frequent visits from your pest control company to help deal with your vermin situation.


What Are The Things To Consider When Doing Indoor Pest Control?

Whether you’re doing DIY methods or calling professional services, there are quite a few variables to consider. Pondering on these can ensure pest control effectiveness and safeguard your family and belongings.


DIY methods

First, you’ll be choosing what kinds of pesticides you’ll use.

One thing to consider here is that you’ll use it only when appropriate. Overusing could spell health hazards that could affect everyone in your household.

You may also be thinking of using natural home remedies for pest control. The answer is a definite yes you can.

To ward off pests, you can opt for ground coffee, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, or other home remedies.

When using DIY methods, you have to make sure your family plus pets are safely away from where you’ll apply pesticides or home remedies. Also, avoid applying any treatment to areas that household members and pets frequently touch.

In this vein, set your pesticide, home remedies, or traps in areas where you know pests run about. Applying these in the wrong places, like out in the open, can fail to bait pests and can pose a health risk.

Also, make sure that you don’t accidentally leave food out. It goes without saying that food exposed to pesticides can be contaminated.


Professional services

Even though the pest control company will do most of the heavy lifting, you need to prepare for things to do before and after.

Before pest control visits, you’ll want to ensure your belongings are safe. Keep them light objects in cabinets or cupboards and seal them tight. 

You may also want to wrap your furniture in plastic to prevent them from getting in contact with the chemicals. When pest control arrives, expect you and your family to stay out of the house for probably an extended period.

When pest control gives the OK signal, avoid cleaning for about one to two weeks. You might end up removing the chemicals that will eliminate vermin.

You may still encounter pests after their visit, but you don’t have to worry as this is a natural part of the process. In time, their numbers will diminish, and they’ll start dying out.

When it’s okay to clean, sweep up dead pests as their corpses can attract more pests.

These are, in fact, many things to consider before and after pest control services visit. For more details, here’s a helpful article on how does pest control work

It’s worth reiterating that if an infestation gets too severe, you can expect more frequent visits after the first one.


Is Indoor Pest Control Worth It?

Sure, you might be thinking frequent pest control comes with health and safety risks but fret not. The pros of regular pest control outweigh the cons.

Plus, pests come with more health and safety hazards. They could carry a variety of diseases through bites, feces, or other means and pose severe risks to household members and pets.

Contacting professional services might scare your wallet, but as they say: prevention is better than cure. Conducting bi-monthly pest control visits can prevent a full-on infestation from causing trouble in your home.



Doing pest control once a month or every few months brings many benefits in ensuring a healthier and happier home. Knowing how frequently can you have indoor pest control can establish a routine that ensures you won’t have to worry about unwanted critters messing about in your home.

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