Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Gnats? Amazing 5-Step Process

Pests are a terrible nuisance, and they can raise a doubt whether they can be truly dealt with. “Can pest control get rid of gnats” is one of the controversial questions pest control technicians face.

Many people are turning into pest control every time an uninvited crawling pest gets spotted in their place. Whether it’s a place of residence, an office, or a business area, more and more are handing their insect and pest problems to experienced individuals and companies.

can pest control get rid of gnats

This trend, however, has also given rise to some conflicts regarding service mismatch and problematic situations of contract cancellation. If you’re having problems with gnats in your place, we’ll discuss here why you shouldn’t waver on deciding to trust pest control services.


Can pest control exterminate gnats?

Yes, experienced and licensed pest control companies can efficiently deal with gnats. Not only can well-versed pest control personnel kill gnats that are bothering you, but they can also approximate where these insects are coming from and deal with the source itself.

Like with any other pests, pest control would be able to deal with this situation if they could scan and identify the problem in the location. 

This is why while you can describe the problem in as much detail as possible, a pest control company will ask to visit your place. You should expect that much from an entity offering professional services after coming to terms with you.

Here’s how pest control does the gnat extermination.


1. Identification

As mentioned before, after you’ve signed an agreement with a pest control company, whether on a short or long-term deal, the first thing they’ll do is investigate. They may ask you a handful of questions about your place, when the problem started, and the like.


After such discussion, they can send a team that will thoroughly assess your house and surroundings. While some companies do this on the same day as the extermination, it can be extended for more days if they need to cover a large area.

Make sure you ask enough questions and prepare well for their visit.

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2. Finding the infestation ground

Once they’ve sent over a team to your home, your pest control provider will start tailoring a plan suitable to your home and living situation. Since every house is as unique as its occupants, it can also vary how these plans are made and how long it takes to finish.

When they have an organized and concrete plan at hand, a representative should come or contact you to discuss this plan. This is a necessary step, so they get your consent if they need to do rigorous methods such as fumigation. 

Once you agree on a particular schedule, they’ll bring equipment and personnel for the job. In such a process, the first they will do is to find the source or lair of the gnats.


3. Cleansing

After they find where the gnats are concentrated, the pest control personnel will remove and cleanse the surface where the insects lay. Since it’s better to slay these insects while they’re still larvae, that should be the priority, so the insects no longer repopulate.

As gnats are attracted to decaying organic matter, the pest control personnel can also discard anything like that inside your place. Doing so will double up as helping you prevent recurrence as well.


4. Extermination

Once the younger and unhatched gnats are taken care of, the pest control will now turn into working with the annihilation of all remaining gnats in your home. They can use various methods and applications for this to be effective.

Gnat extermination can be done with a variety of methods. They can use fumigation, traps, pesticide, and others.

You shouldn’t worry about the aftermath, though, as they should discuss with you what to do later on.


5. Prevention

When all the gnats have been killed, pest control can install some traps or repellants in your place. This step varies from company to company, as well as to your terms of the agreement.

If they don’t do so themselves, they will instruct you on how to prevent such infestation again.

Depending on what company you’ve signed with, there can be a few differences or variations in this process. However, most pest controls follow a similar pattern to rid your place of the gnats for the longest time possible.

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What are gnats?

Gnats are flying insects that can resemble mosquitoes and have long legs. This name can also refer to some insects that don’t bite, black flies, fruit flies, midge, and fungus gnat.

Depending on the gnat species in your home, they can either be feeding on fruits, blood, or other insects. They are sensitive to smell and are easily attracted to such being emitted by their preferred sustenance.

If you’ve spotted a few, you can kill these gnats yourself using traps and flycatchers.



There, you’re now sure of the answer to the question, “can pest control get rid of gnats”. Since you also now have an idea of how they do it, you can use it by incorporating proper measures to prevent their visit.

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