How Does Zola Wedding Registry Work

If you’re curious about how does Zola wedding registry work, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about setting it up and how it works for you and the guests. You’ll also find out if it’s convenient to consider Zola for your wedding registry and if it will also be helpful for guests when choosing a gift for your wedding. 

And speaking of wedding registries, you should know the etiquette when creating one for your wedding. For example, here’s how many items should be on a wedding registry

how does zola wedding registry work


Learn How Does Zola Wedding Registry Work

The Zola wedding registry does the same process as other registries for weddings. Zola works by helping the couple create their registry using the products they offer in their store from different brands. 

Zola’s wedding registry even allows the guests to give cash gifts to the couple. But to help you understand how does Zola wedding registry works much more straightforward, here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. The couple will sign up in Zola
  2. The couple will add physical, digital, or cash gifts to their registry, and they can also browse different product brands, experiences like subscriptions and adventures, and gift cards on Zola’s store 
  3. For cash funds, the couple can ask for monetary gifts if they want to fund their future home, honeymoon, or even a charity that’s important to them
  4. The couple can also direct their guests to other stores where they want the gift from; alternatively, they can just get the cash equivalent 
  5. After curating the wedding registry items, the couple will make them visible to the guests via the registry’s account settings 
  6. Share the Zola wedding registry link on your wedding website or include it on your invitations; Zola also offers a wedding website if you want to do everything in one place
  7. For the guests, the experience is similar to any other online shopping website
  8. The guest will select the type of gift to check out from your registry
  9. If the guest picked a gift from another store, then they’ll check it out from that place 
  10. The couple will get notified via Zola’s app or on their email each time a guest buys from the registry
  11. The couple can also track what gifts were purchased 
  12. The gifts bought can be shipped to you right away or whenever you want
  13. If the couple wants to return a gift, they can schedule a pickup or drop it off at UPS based on the shipping label that they can request from Zola
  14. If there are remaining gifts on the wedding registry, Zola will also offer a post-wedding discount of 20% off to give the couple the choice to purchase the items for six months after their wedding


Does Zola Charge A Fee?

The Zola wedding registry work by offering the couple and guests options on different types of wedding gifts. And compared to other wedding registries, Zola makes no money on the cash funds if the couple opts for monetary gifts. 

However, they will charge you a 2.4% fee for credit card processing. This is slightly lower compared to other registries, and the guests can either pay for it, or you can also shoulder it for them. 


Does Zola Take A Cut?

Zola boasts that their cash funds are at the lowest fee compared to other wedding registries. In addition, the wedding guests can contribute $100 to your registry, free with Venmo. 

Zola will charge a standard 2.4% fee if they use a credit card. If the guests didn’t absorb this fee, you would only receive $97.60 from their $100 gift. 

Another reason why you must consider Zola for adding gifts because they offer free shipping. If the order is placed on Zola’s website, you can enjoy their free ground shipping unless it’s something large and heavy. 

And as for the returns, you’ll be pleased that you can return a gift to Zola for free. You can check more information on their website to learn about processing returns. 


How Do You Pay On Zola?

You can use Zola store credit to purchase from Zola’s store. You can receive it by converting a gift to store credit or a Zola promotion. 

The first type of Zola store credit never expires, and you can use it for any product in their store. However, it cannot be redeemed for cash or any item from another store nor used to purchase a cash fund gift or digital Zola gift card. 

On the other hand, the second type of Zola store credit has an expiration date and cannot be used to purchase a cash fund, digital Zola gift card, or redeemed for cash. Therefore, always check your account for your credit balance so you can use it accordingly. 

For couples who may want to register to another place besides Zola, you can read how many places should you register for the wedding to know the etiquette. 


How Do Wedding Registries Work For Guests?

Most registries work for the guests like they’ll do online shopping. They’ll browse the couple’s registry and then check out an item. 



And that’s it! To recap how does Zola wedding registry work, you’ll add items from their store, and the guests can check out the gift they’d give you. 

You’ll be notified of purchased gifts, and Zola will even offer a discount if you want to buy leftover items after the wedding. 

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