How Many Places Should You Register For Wedding

If you’re curious about how many places should you register for wedding, try at least three stores. We will talk about the etiquette of wedding registry in more detail below to help you tastefully select stores. 

And if you also haven’t decided yet on the gifts you’ll give to the guests, you can read about how many wedding favors to order. It’s always helpful to know some basic guidelines regarding the gifts you’ll receive and give for your wedding. 

how many places should you register for wedding


How Many Places To Register For Wedding

Couples typically register up to three stores for the wedding. However, you can choose just one or two if you don’t have many stores in mind. 

You don’t want to go over three stores because the guests can feel overwhelmed with their choices. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be tasteful because it might give the impression of wanting extra gifts from your wedding guests. 

Understandably, you may find yourselves with many sites and stores that would be perfect for your wedding registry. A tip to help you narrow down which places to register is to find a site or store that sells various items that would also satisfy your guests and their personal taste for gifts. 


How to choose the best places to register for a wedding?

  • Select a site that is easy to navigate, so both young and old guests won’t be confused or annoyed using it
  • Include an option for shopping in person and not just online as some guests might prefer going to retailers themselves
  • If possible, opt for a store that is available online and also has a physical store 
  • Consider stores and sites that you know your guests go to as they’ll be more comfortable with these familiar retailers
  • Include an established store for older guests, but consider new retailers that your younger guests may want to try 
  • Register items of varying price points to ensure that everyone’s budget is considered 

Are you struggling to know when to inform your guests about your wedding registry? Please read how to ask someone to be at your wedding because it’s also possible for the registry information to be mentioned in pre-wedding events. 


Best places to register for wedding

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Pottery Barn
  • IKEA
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • MyRegistry
  • Zola


What Should You Not Put On Your Wedding Registry?


Personal items

Never include personal items like gadgets or clothing in your wedding registry as they are only meant for one spouse. The wedding registry items should only include those that the couple can use. 


Wedding items

The items to register are meant to be used by the couple for their married life. Therefore, avoid registering items meant to be used on the wedding, such as decorations, as it might imply that the guests are paying for the wedding. 


Gifts meant for others

It’s bad taste to put an item you’re meant to give to someone else in your wedding registry. For example, perhaps someone’s birthday or wedding is coming, so you thought of including a gift for them in your wedding registry. 


Things you might return

Variety is always welcome when deciding what items to register. However, it would help if you thought your list through because it’s never a good idea to get things you don’t see yourself using, or you might end up returning. 


What are the must-have items to add to your wedding registry?


Bedroom registry

The wedding registry is ideal for items you will need in the bedroom. They can include useful items like mattress pads, comforters, pillows, or even decors. 


Kitchen registry

As a newly married couple, you can never go wrong with getting items from a kitchen registry. Some ideas are dinnerware, glassware, utensils, or even cooking appliances.


Bathroom registry

It’s also acceptable to create a bathroom registry checklist. Some common items included are washcloths, towels, and even toiletry drawers. 


Travel registry

If you create a travel registry, your guests can feel more involved with you as a couple. It’s perfectly okay to ask for airfare gift cards or even new luggage, for example.


Non-physical gifts

Cash and gift certificates are acceptable to include in the wedding registry. You don’t even need to limit yourselves with personal non-physical gifts as some couples ask for charity donations in their registry. 


Is It Rude To Put Expensive Items On Wedding Registries?

It’s not rude to include some expensive items on your wedding registry. However, it would be tacky if all you had were pricey gifts, as it might be seen as taking advantage of your guests. 

While some guests love giving expensive gifts, you should always provide variety with the prices of your registered items. This will ensure that you are considering the different budgets of your guests. 


Should You Have A Registry If You Have A Destination Wedding?

You can still have a registry if you have a destination wedding. However, it would be more practical to register for experiences such as dinner treats or travel gift cards, so your guests wouldn’t experience the hassle of bringing physical gifts. 



And that’s it! In this article, we discussed how many places should you register for wedding where it’s revealed to be one to three stores.

You want to give enough options for your guests without overwhelming them or looking like you are fishing for many gifts. Note that expensive items are okay, but include different prices to match everybody’s budgets. 


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