How Do I Stop A Monthly Donation Plan? The Best Guide!

How do I stop a monthly donation plan? We see that you want to cancel your monthly donation plan. But different monthly plans are different as it depends on the guidelines of the non-profit organization you are supporting. 

With this being said, it would be best to visit their page or set an appointment so that you will talk about it properly. 

How do I stop a monthly donation plan

Canceling your monthly plan is not that easy, and that is why we made this article for you. We have created this article to be used as a proper guideline if you are trying to educate yourself on this subject. Our main motive is to make sure all your queries are answered in a manner that you are satisfied with. Aside from that, you will learn more about donation, specifically about the monthly giving plan. So, if you’re interested, let’s delve further into this article.


Monthly Giving Plan

In a monthly giving plan, you donate a specific amount to a non-profit organization to help them succeed with their respected mission. On the other hand, a non-profit organization is an organization that essentially works to benefit society. All non-profits work for a mission that provides them no profit and is solely trying to be achieved for the well-being of others.


Kinds of missions that non-profits might have

Different nonprofits have different goals and objectives to help society.

Some of the different missions could be: providing clean water to developing countries, providing education, providing health treatments and facilities, sheltering animals, and providing shelter for women and children. Moreover, monthly donations play a significant role in a non-profit organization’s development plan as they are a constant, valuable, and reliable source of income for the non-profit.


How do these non-profits convince donors for the monthly giving plan?

To get the donors to start committing to a monthly plan. The first step taken by the non-profits is; building a trust factor between them and their donor. By far, the easiest way to achieve that factor is by radiating an honest, confident, and straightforward energy.

Non-profits avoid beating around the bush and present their goals and objectives in front of the donor.

Thus, it makes it easier for the donors to develop trust in them. Furthermore, a great emphasis is placed on how the donor’s monthly donations will impact society, resultantly convincing the owner to get a monthly subscription. Regardless, here are some three tried and true techniques to encourage monthly giving.


Puffy Lux

How is this donation made monthly?

One of the many reasons this monthly giving program is so successful is that this is entirely hassle-free, unlike other donation programs.

Donors are not required to enter their relevant details every time they make a new payment. Instead, the donation is automatically subtracted from the donor’s credit card or automatic bank draft every month. This method is a lot more convenient for many donors.


Why do non-profit organizations prefer monthly giving?

Non-profit organizations prefer monthly giving because it is easy for them to maintain a monthly giving program. Similarly, on how the monthly giving program is very convenient for the donors. It is very convenient and efficient for the organization as well. This program is usually done on online fundraising software and doesn’t require a lot of admin work.

Moreover, the donor’s commitment to the monthly giving program increases as the years pass by. If the organization is in action, the donors are constantly reassured that their money is used for a good cause. Therefore, their commitment to the program is sure to increase. That is often referred to as the retention rate of the donors.

And the concentration of the organization shifts completely towards fulfilling the promises and achieving the organization’s mission instead of worrying about fundraising. However, as we mentioned before, monthly donations are a vital source of income for the organization. That means, if an organization is receiving a large number of monthly giving, its annual revenue is sure to be a good amount. Learn more about why monthly giving is good.


I am not interested in the program anymore; how can I cancel my monthly giving?

Finally, we’ll answer your question; how do I stop a monthly donation plan? Well, the answer to this question depends on the organization you are donating to and its policies. But, the easiest way would be to give them a ring on their landline number and state that you want to cancel your monthly donations.

They might ask you for some necessary information in return, and hopefully, after that, they will cancel your monthly donations. Another way might be that; you have to email your organization and state your matter. They will then guide you through that process. On the other hand, learn more about donations by reading one of our articles, “What is donation?” That is all.



To sum everything up, in our humble opinion, monthly givings are a great way to donate. It’s very efficient and easy. And anyone can sign up for it quickly. We hope that the givings are solely used to help others by the organizations. We think that everything stated here was easy to understand.

Moreover, we hope we answered your question; how do I stop a monthly donation plan? Finally, give yourself on the back for reading this article and educating yourself on a nice subject. On the other hand, if you are interested in starting a donation drive but don’t know where to start, we suggest you try posting online or learn first how to put a donation button on your website. That might help.

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