What Is Donation? 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Donate!

Have the question “What is donation” ever crossed your mind? A donation is an act of humanitarian aid aiming to help one another. However, there are different types of donations, and we’re going to talk about them one by one.

You may be in a situation where you need the utmost help or want to help whether it may be for you or someone else. One way of receiving help is through donations. These donations can be of any form.

What is donation

Some donations may pertain to food, clothing, amount of money, or even a part of your body. Well, if you are someone looking through different types of donations, well, you’ve come across the right article. We will discuss what you need to know about different kinds of donation, how it works, and many more. So please sit back, and learn as we tackle the necessities to know about the donation.


What Donation Is In General

So, what is donation? Through donations, you extended many lives. From food, clothing, and damaged body parts. Many may not afford to buy these, but they can experience the joy of life through donations.


Kinds Of Donation

Well, there are many kinds of donations, but we’re going to differentiate them one by one. There are three general kinds of donation. These three include the Inter Vivos, which is done during a lifetime, the Mortis Causa, which is done after death, and Propter Nuptias, which is done through marriage.


#1. Inter Vivos

Inter Vivos is a kind of donation that is usually done when you are still living. One of the best examples of Inter Vivos is the donation of blood, giving gifts, or giving a property.


#2. Mortis Causa

Mortis Causa, on the other hand, takes effect upon the death of the donor. Therefore, this donation kind is usually prepared to know that death may come at the donor’s door at any time. Some examples of this type are wills and testaments, inheritance, or trust funds for insurances. The donation of organs in hospitals is also a great example of Mortis Causa.


#3. Proper Nuptials

Proper Nuptias is a Latin name that means “a gift on account of marriage.” The kind is usually done to benefit a couple at marriage. Some examples include the gifts given before the marriage ceremony.


Reasons For Giving

Did you know that donating does not only do well for your beneficiary but for yourself also? Well, here are some of the great reasons why you should consider donating.


Reason #1. It’ll make you feel good about yourself

Well, if you had a chance to give something out of goodwill, didn’t you feel something nice inside? Knowing that you’ve helped someone is empowering and can make you feel great about yourself. According to a study conducted on some of the most prominent donors, their happiness after knowing they have helped someone makes them feel motivated to continue doing the act.


Reason #2. Giving strengthens personal values

When you know that you have the power to improve someone’s life, it is a privilege that comes with a sense of obligation to help. In addition, it is a great way to strengthen your sense of self and social awareness together with your sense and ethical beliefs.


Reason #3. Giving makes an impact

Some may be wary that the donations given to charity are still being reduced with taxes which hinders the charity from receiving the total amount. On that note, there are still some ways to prevent these from happening. Although it may not entirely remove the tax fees, you could reduce them. For example, if you are a UK taxpayer, donating through Gift Aid could help lessen the tax fees, which enables the charity to receive as much as you donated as possible.


Reason #4. Giving teaches generosity

As the saying goes, “Sharing is Caring” giving may help your children or young ones the importance and essence of generosity. Your kids may open their eyes to positive attitudes while building their personalities.

Children tend to help others even when they are still young since they have yet to know the malice in our society. So to instill in them the generosity that will make your child’s attitude sway on the positive side.


Reason #5. Giving is encouraging

Always remember that your every action can significantly affect the attitudes of those who are near to you. The same is true for your family and friends. If they see or know that you are donating out of generosity, they may also want to do the same as you do. Family giving could be a way for the family to bond. It will not only be beneficial for those whom you are giving to, but it will also improve the connections in your family.



Now, you know what is donation. So whether you are curious or are finding the right kind of donation that would fit you, it is essential to know what a donation is. With everything that you know so far, does it motivate you to share your blessings with others? If yes is the answer to that question, I suggest you find a charity close to your heart and which you could give a purpose for. Then, when you start caring, you start giving. My friends, it may be a good idea to also read about how to record a donation in QuickBooks and how to setup a paypal donation

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