How To Put A Donation Button On Your Website? 3 Awesome Steps!

How to put a donation button on your website? Since some websites are specially made for a particular purpose like donations, charity works, and the likes, some are non-profit, which means they do not use the money you donate for their purposes. Instead, they use it on the possible receivers of what you people are trying to contribute to their website.

With the growing social media platforms nowadays, it is much easier to spread the word around people through an advertisement or posting it on different media. In that way, you can get lots of people to engage with your posts and interact more. So, donators will get higher in just a tiny amount of time.

Though there is one problem, and that is if you are new to managing a page. Works like these tend to get hard over time as you’ll be the one editing and making changes on the page. Playing the role will get you into something big though you should also be responsible. Familiarizing things in certain areas is a must. Now, if you are not familiar with how to organize, one of the first things that you should learn to do is how to put a donation button on the website. Why? That button will lead people to a link wherein they can donate a specific amount of money. It will be easier for both of you to navigate and is less hassle too.


Steps On Putting A Donation Button On Your Website 

So, how to put a donation button on your website? It may sound like you’re placing a donation button on a Facebook page, but it’s not. It is way different on how you do it and takes a slightly harder step to complete than the other one. With that, let us learn more on how to do it quickly:


Step #1. Setting up the donation button

When making a donation button for your website, you’ll want to use a specific page to create a button that you will embed into your website later on. One example of this is by using Donorbox. Now to start making your button, you’ll first want to go to the Donorbox’s campaign page. From there, find the campaign.

Once you’re there, but that specific campaign that you want to embed later on. There will be an icon that’ll appear once you’re done doing the earlier parts. It will be shown as </>, which will represent an integration option. Without further ado, a dropdown list will show up once you click it. Select the “Donate Button” option.

Now that everything’s been set up for the first part, make sure to recheck all the necessary information to avoid wrong information when the button is done for the website. You’ll still be editing your button later on. Now, let us move on to the next step to continue doing the process further.


Step #2. Editing or customizing your donation button 

As the step states, this one is for editing or customizing your donation button’s overall looks and settings. All the options will appear once you’ve checked all the necessary information at the first step. There should be a code appearing as you try to edit your button. It is crucial to keep track of it as it will be necessary. It’ll change on its own as you do customizations to the button. You will use the code for the later steps as this needs to be applied to work without any problems. Now, let us move on to the next step once we are done dealing with the customizations. Mix and match all the specific details that you want to put. Read about how to setup a PayPal donation and how to link to a PayPal donation page in case you’re interested!


Step #3. Customizing the page for the finalization of the donation button

Now that all the parts for the donation button have been done, we shall now apply it to the page. Though how do we do this? It is straightforward, so make sure to follow as you read. Once done, head over to the website link and find “Add New Page” to create another one for the button. Now that it has directed you to a new page to add your donation button, a text editor will appear below the text box mentioned above. Paste the embed code that was on step number two on the correct text box. From there, make sure that it has no errors, or else the button wouldn’t work the right way. Everything will be seen once you publish it. If there are errors, try to repeat the process from the top; if there aren’t, then good for you. You now have a donation button for your website!


It’s A Wrap!

How to put a donation button on your website? Learning how to add a donate button on your website has never been this easy! The steps cited above will make the whole process easier as you can understand it thoroughly and precisely. With that, you can create one in no time! Donation indeed is an interesting topic especially for people who would want to help in this way. One common way of donating is an in kind donation; here’s what is an in-kind donation.

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