How Do I Make UPPAbaby Bassinet Not Collapse? 2 Easy Steps!

A lot of parents find it hard to collapse their bassinet. That is why we have designed this blog post to give you step by step guide on How Do I Make UPPAbaby Bassinet Not Collapse.


UPPAbaby Bassinet Not Collapse

How do I Make my UPPAbaby Bassinet not Collapse?

In order to keep your Bassinest Swivel Sleeper from collapsing when you pull up on the handle, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Verify that the side locking knobs are in the correct locked position.

Step 2. If you have a non-swivel model, make sure that your canopy is not blocking any of the joints or locking buttons when placed into position.

To adjust this on newer models with swivels, please follow these steps:

Slide swivel panel to flat/locked position (no gap between the end of panel and frame stopping it from rotating). Rotate Bassinet Swivel Sleeper so handle faces away from the bed. Do not use a bassinet if the button at the bottom can be pushed through the fabric slot during the rotation process! Never rotate while the child is inside the Uppababy bassinet!!


Can I add a second mattress pad to my UPPAbaby bassinet?

No. The mattress is made of polyurethane foam and has been tested for safety per U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations; therefore it should not be replaced with another product/material, including an egg-crate or convoluted foam pads offered by third-party sellers online that does not meet CPSC standards or specifications.


Can you put the UPPAbaby canopy in the washing machine?

No, the fabric on your Uppababy canopies should be hand washed with mild soap and cold water. Allow to air dry completely before reattaching to Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Frame (when removed, do not store) or folding for travel. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals when cleaning this product.


How do I protect my bassinet mattress?

To prolong the life span, you’ll want to invest in at least one waterproof cover. These are typically made with PUL fabric and come in many sizes for all different types of mattresses. You’ll also find sheets that fit snugly over the top if you prefer not using covers but still need an added layer of protection from bodily fluids like spit-up, drool and diaper leaks.

Now slip out each corner piece by hand (since they are sewn in) and place it underneath the mattress to create a fitted sheet. There is no need for an additional waterproof pad unless you desire extra protection on top of your cover.


What’s an adjustable bassinet mattress?

An adjustable mattress can be adjusted up or down depending on whether it’s used as a stand-alone piece of furniture (for smaller infants) or attached directly into another bed frame (like a toddler bed).


Do you need a cover for the Uppababy bassinet?

No, the cover is built into it.


Is putting an infant in bed with parents safe?

Yes, we put our son in bed next to us until he was at least five months old because he would not sleep in his bassinet.

We put him in our bed because we were afraid that he would stop breathing if he was just in the bassinet next to us since it didn’t have a breathable mattress pad on it, and at five months old when we started putting him in there for naps during the day, he still slept well with us so I’m not sure when/if we’ll ever transition out of this method!

As long as you are using common sense about how close your child is to you while they sleep (never place them between pillows or under heavy comforters), keeping an eye on their chest movement throughout the night by placing your hand over theirs, checking frequently to make sure they’re able to move their face freely, and never sleeping with your baby on a couch or recliner I think co-sleeping can be done safely up until the time that they are ready to transition out of it!

I’m not sure what would happen if you were in bed with them but didn’t have sheets covering where you’re laying? That might do something similar to “suffocation by entrapment,” which is when a child gets stuck between a mattress and headboard/footboard.


How do you wipe a bassinet?

Cleaning a bassinet can be done in much the same way as other baby furniture. You could also use soap nuts as a gentle option instead which is good news for those who don’t like using harsh chemicals around them. This method allows you to reuse the same nuts for up to six loads of laundry, saving you time and money on new items.


Does Dream On Me bassinet come with the mattress?

No, it doesn’t. The best and most secure way to use the crib is by adding a waterproof pad or other suitable material on top of the existing bedding inside the play yard.

This will keep the baby from coming into direct contact with any materials that could irritate his or her skin. It also prevents accidents such as spit-up getting onto parts of the bassinet where they can be difficult if not impossible to remove later on without damaging fabric or woodwork.


Can you convert this product into a travel cot?

No, it cannot be converted into a travel cot since no conversion kit comes along when bought. However, it’s very lightweight at only 20 lbs.