Easy Steps on How to Clean a Co-sleeper Bassinet

In this blog post, you will learn How to Clean a Co-sleeper Bassinet in easy steps.


Easy Steps on How to Clean a Co-sleeper Bassinet

Steps on How to Clean a Co-sleeper Bassinet

Step 1. You should not machine wash or dry clean your co-sleeper. Instead, spot treats any stains by sponging lightly with warm water and a mild detergent solution than air dry in the fresh air. Alternatively, you can use a spray upholstery cleaner on it however do this outside because of the strong smell!

Step 2. While you’re at it – give all surfaces a thorough wipe down with an antiseptic like rubbing alcohol to kill germs that may be lingering around too!

Step 3. Make sure to also check for holes and tears which could become worse if they go unchecked- we don’t want anything happening while baby is inside sleeping peacefully now do we? If there are problems redo the seam stitching or replace it as needed before using it again.

Top Tip: If the mattress cover doesn’t come off completely, you can wash it in your machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. You can also hand-wash the cover using warm water and either mild detergent or speciality baby products like Dreft.


Steps on How To Fold Stroller With Second Seat Attached

Fold stroller with the second seat attached. Secure the safety belt of your child’s car seat to its anchor on top of the stroller. Make sure that it is tightly locked in place before you begin folding.

Do not fold unless this step has been done first! This step will ensure a more stable hold and less chance for a tip-over accident during transit or storage.

Pull up both sides of the handlebar, then pull down each side so they lock under the frame near where your legs go when pushing/steering. The handles should now be parallel to one another as you stand behind them looking at their tops from above with feet shoulder length apart (the same width as baby’s hips). Your shoulders should be directly over the top of each handlebar.

With your feet still, shoulder-length apart, grab both sides of one handle and lift until it almost touches the baby’s seat (this will keep them from rubbing the frame when they get bigger). As you do this, slide that side into its lock on the stroller frame to secure it in place. Repeat on another side.

The next step is to fold down the front bar closest to where the child sits by squeezing with your hand between where their legs are locked against it or next to it for extra stability while pushing/steering – depending on how close their hips are set inside their seats. You can also push down with your foot here if there isn’t room at first reach when standing.

Make sure child is secured in their seats with harnesses done up before doing this. DO NOT attempt to fold the stroller if your child isn’t sitting inside safely. Also, make sure the tray tables are unlocked and out of the way for folding, at least on my model, it can be tricky to unfold them if they are down but not folded completely flat under the stroller frame.

Once that bar has been lifted into a place you will need both hands free so hold a baby or have a helper by then – just don’t pull up too hard as you risk popping off a wheel! If the front bar pops back down when lifting side locks, lift slightly inward toward centre first while pushing down lock arms until snug once more against its clips/locks (ignore the video below, I fixed it and didn’t need to pull that hard).


How do you clean a bassinet cover?

Make sure to check the specific cleaning instructions for your product. Most will say that they should be hand washed only and placed in cold water with mild detergent or soap, but this can vary depending on what material it was made from so always read ahead of time!

It’s also recommended not to use harsh chemicals because these may cause damage over time. If you have any questions about how often you need to wash your covers we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly through their website.

We offer several types of different mattress pads which come in many sizes such as standard, large and extra-large! This way even if our pad does not perfectly fit onto the brand there is still no chance of it slipping or moving around during the night. The Standard pad fits mattresses up to 12 inches thick while the Large is for mattresses between 13-15 inches, and an Extra-Large size which will fit any mattress 16+inches.


Can I put Bassinet sheets in the dryer with another laundry? If so, how long should the sheet be on it to get completely dried out?

Most bedding can go through a washing and drying cycle multiple times without any ill effects. However, if there are no instructions for drying then simply hang up your wet pad covers outside or lay them flat inside to drip-dry overnight before you use them again. There may also be specific directions stating that they shouldn’t be washed at all after one time of use.

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