What Size Crochet Hook For Blanket? Complete Guide

Do not be confused with what size crochet hook for blanket because the answer is easy to remember, and it’s size H-8. Why this size of hook? Because it’s ideal for working on beginner-friendly projects, including those that use worsted yarn. 

We will also talk about how you can find the right size crochet hook for your project. And if you happen to prefer knitting, you can check out our comprehensive size guide for knitting needles

What Size Crochet Hook For Blanket


What Size Crochet Hook For Beginners?

It can be overwhelming to select what size crochet hook to use for blankets, but US H-8 would be the best choice, especially for beginners. This means that the hook size is 5mm, ideal for worsted weight yarn. This yarn weight will also be comfortable for crocheting most blankets. 

Size H-8 is a good middle-ground for crocheting simple blankets, and once you get comfortable, you can experiment with making different crochet blankets that require bigger or smaller hooks. It can be confusing to remember crochet hook sizes first, especially since size H-8 is not the same as a size 8 hook. Therefore, a quick is tip to use large hooks with heavy yarns and small hooks with light yarns


What is the difference in crochet hook sizes?

When selecting a hook size or reading a crochet pattern, you will come across different crochet hooks. You also want to check if you need to convert the size from the UK to the US and vice versa. But here in the US, remember that hooks use a lettering system where the further the letter is in the alphabet, the bigger its size will be. 

Therefore, a size B will be smaller than a size Q hook. Nonetheless, the crochet hook size is determined by the shaft and will affect the resulting size of your stitches. And while a pattern or yarn suggests a size, you can always crochet a swatch to know if you must adjust the recommended hook size upward or downward. 


Types of crochet hooks

Did you know that different crochet hooks also influence their sizes? For example, steel crochet hooks come in smaller sizes because they are ideal for fine threads. On the other hand, Tunisian crochet hooks are longer and are suitable for Afghan crochet. 

Some crochet hooks are more available on a broader size range, such as aluminum and plastic. Plastic crochet hooks come in standard sizes, and you can even find jumbo hooks that are still lightweight despite being large. But if you want something warm and lightweight to the hand, you can choose bamboo crochet hooks, although they don’t come in the smallest and jumbo sizes. 


Does It Matter What Size Crochet Hook You Use?

Hook size matters in crochet because it has to complement the yarn and stitches that you’ll use for the project. It would be easy to identify the crochet hook size you must use for yarn because a skein will have the suggested size on its label and the number of stitches you will get per inch. Just remember that heavier yarn requires larger hooks, so a super-fine yarn will use B-1 to E-4 hooks, while a worsted yarn will need an I-9 to K-10.5 hook. 


How do you know what size crochet hook to use?

Besides checking the yarn skein’s label, the best way to know what size crochet hook to use is by crocheting a swatch. Work the swatch using the stitch pattern for the project, then wash and dry it. Measure the stitches in the swatch, so you can identify if you want to tighten or loosen the stitches by using a smaller or larger size hook. 


What Is The Most Commonly Used Crochet Hook Size?

The H-8 size crochet hook is used most often because you can do different projects with the 5mm hook. But if you buy a basic crochet hook set, you can expect that you’ll get sizes from E to J. It would benefit you if you understand the metric crochet hook sizes, steel crochet hook sizes, and UK crochet hook sizes besides the US crochet hook sizes to crochet more comfortably. 

Among the different hook sizing, the easiest to learn is the metric crochet hooks. You will get the exact measurement given in milliliters for each hook. So if you’re a beginner, start with metric crochet hook sizes to avoid confusion. 


What size crochet hook for a baby blanket?

The crochet hook size for making a baby blanket can range from B1 to even K-10.5. Remember that crochet baby blankets come in different sizes, and you also have to consider the yarn weight. Some popular yarn weights for baby blankets include fingering, sport weight, and double knit. 


What size crochet hook for a chunky blanket?

Chunky blankets are undoubtedly the coziest blanket one can make. And depending on the yarn you’ll use, you might need a hook as big as 25mm. For example, chunky and bulky yarns typically work best with US 9 to 11. 



So you want to try crocheting a blanket? It would be best if you familiarize yourself with what size crochet hook for blanket works well. Beginners can start with US H-8, and some standard hook sets include hooks from E to J. 

Get comfortable working with a 5mm hook and worsted yarn until you get the rhythm for making stitches comfortably.