How To Diffuse Essential Oils On The Stove? Amazing Reasons You Should!

There’s no denying that knowing how to diffuse essential oils on the stove will give your kitchen a fresh new scent. With oils like orange and cinnamon, I treat my children when they have a cold or just for fun during the holiday season. Well, I recommend you have water basins near an electric heater or fire pit.

In most homes, there is an oven rack in the middle of the kitchen. A saucepan on the stovetop is all you need for aromatherapy, my dear friends. 

how to diffuse essential oils on the stove

After you’ve filled it halfway with water, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Bringing it to a boil is not necessary; merely warming it will do. Don’t hesitate to add more if necessary. Well, in this article, let’s find out why you should be diffusing essential oils in your stove. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Advantages Of Diffusing Essential Oils On The Stove

You won’t be interested in how to diffuse essential oils on the stove without knowing the advantages. However, in this section, you will know why do people do this.


#1. It does not cost much

People who have been using essential oils for a long time are likely to be familiar with oil burners because they have them at home. In my case, I put some oil on the plate and set it to burn with a light tea candle in a little ceramic burner (which I believe cost next to nothing).


#2. Fragrance

Essential oils now fill my home instead of cigarette smoke, and I couldn’t be happier. Diffusers that employ essential oils are something I use religiously, and you should, too.


#3. Keeps mice away

Several essential oils have scents that can deter mice from entering your kitchen. Wintergreen, chili, bergamot, peppermint oil, and geranium, among other plants, were found to be effective mouse repellents in a recent study. However, Peppermint oil is the most widely utilized and widely available of all the alternatives. Put a few drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle and use it to keep mice away from food storage locations and kitchen gaps and holes.

You can also put peppermint oil-dipped cotton balls in cracks and around food sources instead. With this, you can keep mice out of your kitchen and make your house smell good at the same time by using this method. In addition, due to its non-toxic nature, this technique is incredibly safe for use around children and pets.

However, peppermint oil by itself may not be sufficient to eliminate and prevent mice. The use of essential oils in conjunction with other anti-mice techniques such as mouse traps, on the other hand, can be an extra weapon.

You may want to read how to keep mice out of stove.


Disadvantages Of Diffusing Essential Oils

Even though this procedure has been around for a long time, it can still damage your oils if done incorrectly. Below I have listed some of its disadvantages for you to be aware of them.


#1. Beneficial fragrance does not last long

Essential oils will be destroyed if you use a candle that is too large or too hot for your burner. As a result, some of the beneficial fragrances will be lost as the oils burn off.


#2. Fire hazard

It has the potential to be dangerous. Burners for essential oils can spontaneously catch fire on occasion. Improper burning increases this danger. Aside from that, candles can be dangerous no matter where you use them or who is in the vicinity. It is believed that fire impacts the decomposition of essential oils since it alters their disintegration process.

First, the flammable oil constituents spread because of the heat. The introduction of larger molecules follows next. This means your oils’ natural equilibrium has been upset.


#3. Bad for the environment

In terms of the environment, it’s a bad idea. If I had to burn candles in my home today, I’d exclusively use soy ones. These candles are more expensive, but the benefits to your health and the health of your family far outweigh the costs.

Even if you don’t think about it, lighting a lot of candles every day means burning a small quantity of petroleum (like the inexpensive ones you can get at any bargain store).

The continual use of candles in my first dorm room left black, smoky hotspots on the ceilings, and that was something I quickly outgrew. To verify that they contained only natural components, I even produced my candle.



Thanks to my diffuser, I can now enjoy the beneficial scents of essential oils without worrying about their safety or health implications. A few drops of essential oil are dispensed into a small tank of water using electrical devices known as diffusers. Aside from diffusers, the aromatherapy fan, which is a more hygienic and secure method of using essential oils, is increasingly popular with these long-standing products.


It’s A Wrap!

If you think the benefits outweigh the cost, you can proceed with how to diffuse essential oils on the stove. To do this, set a low to moderate heat source on top of a small pot of water. Only a few drops of essential oil are required in the pot. It must be warm but not hot enough to cause an issue. You may want to read how to clean a ceramic glass stove top and how to clean the rust off a cast iron stove

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