4 Gorgeous Boho Baby Shower Table Decor Items

If you want to impress your party guests with boho baby shower table decor, these are the top 4 must-have table baby shower decorations. We’ve listed the best items, including boho table covers, runners, centerpieces, and serving ware that perfectly capture the gorgeous Bohemian theme. 

You will also know the budget, set-up, and best food items for the boho baby shower. And since this theme is perfect for the fall season, why not read about fall baby shower ideas to know other colors and decor ideas to combine with boho decorations?

boho baby shower table decor


4 Must-Have Boho Baby Shower Table Decor Items


Boho Baby Shower Table Decor Table Cover Ideas

You can easily show the boho theme on your baby shower tables with the proper covers. They’re also a great way to create a cohesive look with your party tables, and you can hide the table materials if needed. 

Here are some ideas on what table cover design and material to use for the boho baby shower:

  • Different colors, patterns, and prints of squares (e.g., bright and deep colors like purple, yellow, maroon, orange, and blue with elephants and florals)
  • Different stripe sizes with colorful florals and geometric patterns
  • White and black tribal or ethnic patterns
  • Colorful table cover with fringe or pom poms on the edges
  • Lace table cover with tassels 


Boho Baby Shower Table Decor Runner Ideas

If you want to showcase your wooden party tables for the boho baby shower, you can use a table runner in the center instead of a table cover. The space on the sides will also help with contrast if you use colorful or patterned plates for each place on the table. 

Consider these themes and ideas for your table runners on any boho themes for the baby shower:

  • Natural burlap table runner with tassels
  • Brown and white rustic cotton table runner
  • Macrame boho white table runner 
  • Off-white crochet lace table runner
  • Patterned woven table runner with fringe 


Boho Baby Shower Table Decor Centerpiece Ideas

The boho party theme can be described as artistic, free-spirited, and combining different expressions. Therefore, choosing your boho table centerpieces doesn’t need a very orderly or single look with the elements. 

Combine different colors, materials, and choose natural and organic centerpieces like these items for the baby shower table decorations: 

  • Metal geometric mini sculptures with lush foliage and wildflowers
  • Floral arrangement with pampas grass, wildflowers, and eucalyptus swags
  • Set of different heights of pressed flower candles
  • Dried fall flowers in neutral or muted-colored vases
  • Mason jar centerpieces with wood slices, branches, lace, or burlap
  • Potpourri mason jar centerpieces
  • Glass containers with string lights
  • Different shapes of glass containers with herbs
  • Lanterns and mirror centerpieces

And for other flower ideas that would make gorgeous items to add to your boho baby shower decorations, this is a list of the best baby shower flowers


Boho Baby Shower Table Decor Serveware Ideas

Besides the table cover, runner, and centerpieces, impress your guests with your boho table setting. Like when choosing any other boho baby shower decor, your table serveware can be a mixture of colors and patterns for the free-spirited theme. 

Here are some ideas of what you can put on your boho tables for the baby shower:

  • Glass plates over woven jute table placemats
  • Neutral and muted-colored serveware, golden cutlery, and patterned bowls and cups
  • Stacked plates of different sizes and unique shapes over bronze or gold platter
  • Vintage patterned tableware with colored edges
  • Ceramic tea set and related utensils
  • Deep and dark colors like navy plates, red bowls, white tableware, and silverware


How Much Should I Spend On Boho Baby Shower Table Decor?

Expect to spend $10 to $30 per baby shower guest for their table setting. The formality of the table setting and if you’re buying or renting the other items will also influence your total budget for the table decor. 

To achieve the boho theme, you’ll use organic and natural elements, colorful and patterned items, and different materials for the baby shower decorations on the tables. You can always use existing serveware, flatware, or cutlery since mixing items, themes, and colors are perfect for boho themes. 

You can use faux and dried flowers to cut costs for the centerpieces. You can also use excess materials like burlap and lace from your other boho baby shower decorations for your table centerpieces and other decor items. 


How Do I Make A Boho Baby Shower Table?

You want your table setting for the boho baby shower to look gorgeous but still comfortable and functional. You can follow the tips below and wow your baby shower guests with each set-up on your boho tables:

  • Use a combination of neutral, muted, and deep colors
  • Combine different natural and organic elements for the table decor
  • Arrange different sizes of items like flatware or serveware; you can stack plates etc.,
  • Follow the typical casual or formal table setting, depending on the baby shower
  • If you’re using a natural material for the table, like a wooden table, consider using a table runner or focusing the items and decorations in the center of the table
  • If you want to cover the table, you can combine fabrics like crepe and cotton, with one color being neutral to serve as the backdrop for the other boho decorations on the baby shower tables
  • Opt for natural or woven placemats
  • Use a mix of wildflowers, dried flowers, greenery, and pampas grass for the floral arrangements
  • Combine neutral, colorful, and patterned dinnerware but maintain a similarity with them (e.g., all guest plates can be in neutral tones, but the bowls are vintage patterned ceramic)
  • Gold or rose gold flatware will complement most boho hues on table decorations
  • Include transparent cups and wineglasses on the boho table settings
  • You want the table setting to look put together but still relaxed
  • Put the napkins in napkin rings and fluff out the ends similar to a bow for a care-free look


How Many Tables Will I Need For My Boho Baby Shower?

The type of table you’ll use at the baby shower party and the number of guests who’ll attend will dictate how many tables you’ll need. A round table measuring 60 inches can seat eight guests, while the popular baby shower table, the banquet table, can also seat eight guests if it’s around eight feet in size. 

You may also need small four to six-foot tables for the baby shower gift or favor tables. With these being said, a baby shower typically has 20 to 30 guests, so you’ll need three to four tables for the guests. 

Then, remember to rent or prepare other tables for the food, gifts, and baby shower favors. Banquet tables would look fantastic for boho themes and are also space-saving for small venues. 


Delicious Baby Shower Food Ideas That Will Also Look Good For Boho Themes

Besides knowing the decorations that will be perfect for the boho baby shower tables, your food items should also suit the party theme perfectly. Here are some ideas on what to serve at your boho-themed baby shower that are also as visually appealing as other baby shower decorations. 

  • Charcuterie board: a quick and easy appetizer that wouldn’t look out of place with the boho baby shower table decor
  • Fresh pasta salad with basil and lemon: this recipe would look fantastic served in deep-colored plates and bowls for your boho baby shower table
  • Roasted broccolini: add greens to your boho baby shower table with roasted broccolini that pairs well with different proteins
  • Cherry tomato bruschetta: easy finger food idea that you can serve over wooden platters for the boho baby shower table
  • Focaccia bread: you can also make focaccia bread as boho baby shower favors
  • Herb and citrus oven-roasted chicken: a rustic recipe that suits the boho theme perfectly
  • Pan-roasted fish fillet with herb butter: consider arranging the fillets over cast iron cookware for a mouthwatering and Instagram-worthy baby shower main course menu idea
  • Naked baby shower cake with fresh berries: the best cake for the boho baby shower would be a naked tiered cake with fresh fruits for colors
  • Yogurt parfaits: easy and affordable dessert idea that would suit the boho style of your baby shower tables

Do you want more food ideas for the party? Read what to serve at a baby shower


What Colors For The Boho Baby Shower Theme?

A helpful tip for choosing the decorations and items you’ll use for the boho baby shower tables is to familiarize yourself with colors that embody the boho theme best. Use these combinations for the baby shower decor and style of the fabrics, centerpieces, and serveware.

  • Neutrals and earth tones like cream, gray, brown, and different shades of green
  • Warm colors and browns inspired by the hues naturally seen during the fall season
  • Bright colors accented by light hues like combining blues with ivory or red and yellows with soft browns
  • Pastels and deep neutrals: combine soft pinks with dark grays for the perfect for a boho chic party 



And that’s it! We hope this boho baby shower table decor guide has helped you decide what table cover, runner, centerpiece, and serveware you’ll use for the party. 

For a quick recap, organic and natural materials best represent the boho theme. You can combine earth colors, neutrals, and bold patterns for your table decorations, but remember that the arrangements don’t have to look too perfect as it’s a free-spirited theme. 

Tell us below which tips you’ll use for your boho baby shower.

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