Flattering But Comfortable Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Here are the best beach wedding guest dresses that would flatter every kind of wedding guest and beach wedding dress code. We’ll give you stunning beach dress styles for casual, chic, and formal beach weddings. 

You’ll also know how to pick the best clothing silhouette for plus size and older women attending a beach wedding. Then, we’ll familiarize you with the best color options for beach wedding guest dresses. 

beach wedding guest dresses

And finally, we’ll go through what shoes and accessories to wear with dresses when attending beach weddings. 


Beach Wedding Guest Dresses For Destination And Tropical Weddings In Every Dress Code


Casual Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Your best options for casual beach wedding guest dresses include short and comfortable styles. Think of light sundresses that go over the knee or mini printed A-line silhouette dresses. 

There are also maxi dresses that you can dress down to suit casual beach weddings. But in general, you’ll pick something made from light fabrics like linen and cotton that has a style that embodies comfort while still being appropriate for a wedding ceremony. 

For a more thorough discussion of expected guest clothing for the laidback occasion, refer to what is beach casual wedding attire


Chic Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

A popular dress code in beach weddings nowadays is chic beach attire, which can be defined as semi-formal or dressy casual. You’ll still pick something comfortable under the sun at the beach, but the dress style should have a bit of formality. 

The best wedding guest dresses for the chic beach dress code include elegant maxi dresses or cocktail dresses with interesting details and textures. The guest can pick a V-neckline, halter-style, or flattering off-shoulder dress for the semi-formal occasion. 


Formal Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

While it’s more common for couples to have casual and laidback beach weddings, you should dress appropriately if the invitation requests a formal beach dress code. This means wearing long dresses in fabrics like satin or styles that would suit a formal occasion because of their interesting prints, details, or silhouette. 

You can sport a maxi gown made from chiffon or rayon or pick something in a dark color for a more regal look. And instead of the usual casual to a semi-formal straight silhouette for a beach maxi wedding guest dress, why not pick a mermaid silhouette with an interesting neckline, back, or strap for the formal beach wedding? 

You’ll understand what the formal dress code means in what is beach formal for a wedding


Plus Size Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

The dress code and time of the beach wedding should help plus-size women decide on the ideal wedding guest dresses for the occasion. But for a guaranteed flattering style on plus-size guests, you can never go wrong with a wrap dress or gown. 

They usually come in a silhouette that flares at the skirt and cinches the waist for a slimming effect. You can even pick the sleeve and skirt length that would suit your arm and height.

Another option for beach wedding guest dresses on plus size women is a maxi dress with an empire waistline. This style is especially recommended for plus-size guests because it doesn’t highlight the lumps and bumps.

For more clothing tips and things that will flatter plus-size guests, here’s what to wear to a wedding if you are plus-size. 


Beach Wedding Guest Dresses For Older Women 

Older wedding guests can be as fashionable as other guests at the beach wedding. The secret is knowing what style flatters your body type to avoid looking older than you are. 

For example, beach weddings can have older women in tea-length wedding guest dresses for a structured and classy look. They can also opt for a printed sheath dress with a shawl or cardigan for style and comfort. 

Cowl necks and dresses with high necklines can also benefit women who want to draw attention away from their aging necks. And as for the sleeves, butterfly sleeves should look flattering on older guests and a great way to add flair to the wedding guest outfit. 

You can read what should a woman over 50 wear to a wedding for more style options. 


What Color Dress Is Best For A Beach Wedding?

Beach weddings vary in themes in color palettes, but the most common ones often feature tropical colors and fun boho patterns. Therefore, wedding guest dresses can be in light and bright colors. 

You can never go wrong with picking a safe soft pastel color like blush or mint green for a beach wedding. Neutrals can also look formal and classy for a daytime beach wedding. 

But for laidback beach weddings or creative destination weddings by the beach, your options for clothing include tropical and bright colors like blue, green, red, or yellow. Use the venue as inspiration, but remember to avoid the colors worn by the bridal party for your dress. 


Do People Wear Shoes To A Beach Wedding?

It’s up to the wedding guest to decide if they want to wear shoes to the beach wedding. The sand can feel uncomfortable and hot to the feet, but you also don’t want to struggle with high-heeled shoes at the beach wedding. 

And since the shoes you’ll pair with your wedding guest dress affect your overall look, you shouldn’t just go with flip-flops or casual-looking sandals. Wedges are fantastic for wedding guests who want to increase their height as they won’t sink into the sand like other heeled shoes. 

Espadrilles are also classy and comfortable for beach weddings. But in some events, the couple might request their guests to go barefoot, or they might give away matching flats for everyone. 


What Are The Most Popular Accessories To Wear With Beach Wedding Guest Dresses?

Here is the list of other things you can wear with your beach wedding dress. Not only will they enhance the overall look and style, but they’re also options to make the outdoor beach wedding more comfortable for guests:

  • Wraps like shawls for weather coverage
  • Light cardigans for the windy beach wedding
  • Sun hat for sun protection
  • Sunnies for glare protection
  • Shell-inspired jewelry like chokers, bracelets, and anklets
  • Flower hair accessories
  • Barefoot sandals instead of wearing shoes
  • Woven bag
  • Tote bag


What Is The Most Popular Sleeve Length For Beach Wedding Guest Dresses?

Beach weddings often happen in the summer, so guests usually pick sleeveless or short sleeves for their wedding guest dresses. Not only are these styles suitable for the beach, but they’re also comfortable for the hot weather. 

However, you can always pick fun short sleeves that aren’t tight around the arms, like butterfly or bishop sleeves, for your wedding guest dress. Even though it’s a beach wedding, you can still pick a flattering and slimming sleeve style that won’t make you feel too hot. 


What Is The Most Popular Neckline For Beach Wedding Guest Dresses?

Halter and off-the-shoulder neckline styles are common among beach wedding guest dresses. They are perfect for tropical beach weddings and flattering for showcasing shoulders and collarbones. 

However, you can always opt for a V-neckline or cowl neckline for a safe but stylish choice, as they flatter almost everyone. Just make sure you’ll pick a style you’re comfortable with, and the neckline is not too plunging that it will look inappropriate for the occasion. 


What Is The Most Popular Silhouette For Beach Wedding Guest Dresses?


Empire waist maxi beach wedding guests dresses

Maxi dresses are the most common wedding guest dresses for beach weddings because they can easily be styled up or down to suit a formal or casual beach wedding. Women can also pick flattering details to highlight their best assets, choosing a V-neckline or halter neckline or adding a slit to the maxi dress to showcase their legs tastefully. 

However, a tip to look fantastic in this long dress is to find something with an empire waist. The empire waist maxi dress drapes under the bustline than the waistline, so it camouflages the stomach and lengthens the legs of the guest. 


Flowy A-line beach wedding guests dresses

Another popular, fun, and flattering beach wedding dress is the A-line silhouette. It can feature different layers of fabric on the flaring skirt that will move with the beach breeze. 

You can also find a wrap-style dress, which is helpful for hiding rolls and bumps while creating a sexy silhouette. And if it’s more comfortable, you can choose a shorter dress that goes over the knees and then wear strappy sandals for the beach wedding for style and practicality. 


Printed sheath beach wedding guest dresses

Athletic and curvy women can wear the sheath silhouette when picking their beach wedding dress. And since beach weddings often have fun themes, you can opt for styles that feature bright colors or patterns like florals and geometric. 

If you’ve chosen a sleeveless sheath dress, you can also partner it with a wrap or cardigan. Another tip is to wear a belt to accentuate the waist in this figure-hugging wedding guest dress. 



And that’s it! We hope this guide on beach wedding guest dresses has helped you find the most flattering style and silhouette for your body type and the beach wedding dress code. 

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a maxi dress or wrap dress for a beach wedding, as they’re flattering on most women. Details like the halter neckline, empire waist, or butterfly sleeves might highlight your best assets and camouflage your problem regions. 

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