Bamboo Pillow How To Use. 5 Best Ways

You can know more about bamboo pillow how to use by differentiating five practices for it. This article will help you from getting started to storing your bamboo pillow. Remember that even if it’s the best bamboo pillow on the market, proper usage is essential for it to perform well.

Indeed, the bamboo pillow has many advantages, and you will get the most of them by knowing all the uses for it. However, don’t forget that not all bamboo pillows are the same, and every user will vary in their needs and preferences. Modify the uses for your comfort and convenience. 


How To Use Bamboo Pillow


Upon arrival

To get the most of your bamboo pillow, you want to break it in properly upon arrival. This means that you must air out your bamboo pillow first to help eliminate the odor as some pillows use foam fills, which off-gas. Over time, the smell will dissipate, and you can give your pillow a few shakes to distribute the fill evenly.



The moldability and adjustability of bamboo pillows make them flexible for all types of sleepers. The ideal position is sleeping on your back because it keeps your spine neutral. You can rest your head in the bamboo pillow so that it’s at level with your shoulders. However, you can add a neck pillow in the gap between your head and shoulders to support your neck if needed. 

Some people prefer sleeping on their side, and it can be a good position, especially for pregnant women or those with acid reflux. However, it can cause discomfort on your back because it isn’t following the natural body shape. Sleep on a bamboo pillow with a higher loft to support your neck. 

Sleeping on your stomach is discouraged by experts because it misaligned the spine. It might feel comfortable, but your head is in an odd position, away from the rest of your body. However, you can use a bamboo pillow with a low loft and a thin one under your hips to entirely support your spine.



Besides breaking in and learning how to sleep on a bamboo pillow, you should also know the proper ways to adjust, wash, and store your bamboo pillow. This will let you enjoy it longer, and with the adjustability, you can modify it according to your needs and comfort. Remember that compared to other pillows, the fact that you can replace the bamboo pillow filling and get replacements from manufacturers makes it one of the most long-lasting pillows to have.

So how can you adjust a body pillow? Manipulate the loft, height, or fluffiness of a bamboo pillow by adding or removing the fill as you like. Different bamboo pillows have various designs on how you can do this quickly, and manufacturers even offer fills for replacement or refreshing your pillow over time. 

If you notice clumping, you can give your pillow some punches or push and pull both ends to encourage air in. You can also put it in the dryer to fluff it up and restore it to a good form. A simple removal of the filling and shaking it in a bag before placing it back inside should also help with plumping. 



Because of the various bamboo pillows in the market, it would be best to check your product label first to avoid potentially damaging it. For example, cleaning and washing the cover and pillow itself will differ. Some pillows may use bamboo textile as pillowcases, while others have a fill that is not meant to go in the machine. 

You can handwash according to instructions and control how gentle you handle your bamboo pillow. If you have to use a machine, make sure to put the pillowcase in a laundry net bag to keep it from stretching and getting damaged. And more so, harsh detergent, bleach, and fabric conditioner are all potentially damaging to bamboo pillows and covers, so avoid using them. 

You can then let your pillow air dry or put it in the dryer at low heat to ensure that it will dry thoroughly. Remember that damp products can encourage mold growth. However, harsh heat can also damage the bamboo pillow, so always choose the lowest setting. 



As mentioned earlier, one of the best characteristics of bamboo pillows is their longevity. However, it would be best if you store them properly as well. After cleaning, remember to place them somewhere away from heat, such as heaters and heat vents. Remember that heat can damage bamboo products, and this is also true when storing them. 

Additionally, avoid putting the pillow inside a plastic bag because moisture and heat can build up inside. Instead, select a breathable but dry and cool place for storage. You can also fluff your pillow occasionally and check the fill to help it maintain its loft.



Bamboo pillows are sustainable yet useful innovations worthy of being part of your sleep. Learn more about bamboo pillow how to use to get the most of their benefits. For example, break your pillow in properly by airing it out and giving it some punches to break off the fill clumps.

Then, adjust to the ideal loft that will support your sleep position best. You can check the label for washing instructions and store the pillow somewhere dry, cool, and breathable to guarantee longevity. Overall, proper use and care of bamboo pillows will help you enjoy them better and longer. 


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