Why Wont My Craftsman Pressure Washer Start? 4 Surprising Reasons!

Are you ready to find the answer to why wont my Craftsman pressure washer start? Is your Craftsman pressure washer acting up and not working the way it’s supposed to? The common reasons why it won’t start are either because it has no electricity or fuel, the carburetor is clogged, the spark plug is damaged, the flywheel key is broken, or the ignition coil is defective. Are you worried that you might have to buy a new pressure washer because your old one won’t start?

Slow down; let us first carefully analyze the situation and see how we can solve this problem. The first thing to do is to troubleshoot and understand the problem before doing something about it. Later in this article, we will go through the common reasons a Craftsman pressure washer won’t start.

why wont my Craftsman pressure washer start

After figuring out the problem, it is now up to you to fix the machine yourself or let a professional handle it instead. It depends on what is more convenient for you. Ensure always to read the owner’s manual, especially if you are new to fixing machines. This can give you an idea of the pressure washer’s structure and how it works.

It is essential to study your machine to ensure that you are safe. We will be talking about what a Craftsman pressure washer is. Is it a new type of pressure washer? Find out below. We will also be providing solutions to each reason below. You can go and scroll ahead to read all of this good stuff.


What Is A Craftsman Pressure Washer

So what is Craftsman? Craftsman is a brand and company that sells tools and equipment for lawns, gardens, and yards. You know the typical stuff that a dad uses to fix and make things. Their site has different categories for products such as power tools, accessories, automotive tools, hand tools, merchandise outdoor tools and equipment, and storage and garage.

We can already see the vast number of tools and equipment they offer. The critical thing to know is that they also have pressure washers. Yes, you heard me right, and this is what we will be focusing on. It falls under the category of outdoor tools and equipment. They offer a variety of choices which allow you to choose from electric and gas pressure washers. 

These can also give out pressure ranging from 300 PSI to 3300 PSI. Craftsman gives you the freedom of choice. It all just depends on what you need and want; you’re the boss. Keep on reading below to know why won’t Craftsman pressure washer start.  


Common Reasons Why A Craftsman Pressure Washer Won’t Start

Now it is time for us to talk about the common reasons why a Craftsman pressure washer won’t start or just any pressure washer in general. These will be listed and elaborated more below, along with what we recommend you resolve your problem. So, why wont my Craftsman pressure washer start? Here are the following reasons:


#1. No electricity or fuel

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes we might miss it. A machine needs an energy source to work. In your case, the power source depends on the type of pressure washer you have. If you own an electric pressure washer, then maybe it won’t start because it is not plugged in. I know, I know, don’t give me that look. But, you might have overlooked that aspect. Just make sure to check the power source. If you have a gas pressure washer, be sure to check if there is enough fuel inside or if there is any. It may be helpful to read about what kind of oil for pressure washer pump.


#2. Carburetor is clogged

Another possible reason is that the pressure washer’s carburetor is clogged. This usually happens if fuel is left in the tank for a long time. It becomes a bit concentrated as the fuel dries up and leaves a gooey residue. This can cause the clog, and the pressure washer will fail to start. You can use a carburetor cleaner to remove the clog or replace the carburetor. You may also want to read about how to clean the carburetor on Briggs and Stratton pressure washer


#3. Damaged spark plug

In gas pressure washers, a damaged spark plug might cause a pressure washer that won’t start. You can go ahead and check it for any cracks, burns, or a lot of carbon buildup. If there is no spark when using a spark plug tester, then you might have to get the spark plug replaced. Here’s how to check a spark plug


#4. The ignition coil is defective

If you determine that the spark plug is not causing the problem, then it is time to test the ignition coil. First, use an ignition coil tester to see if it is not accurate. If it is, replacing it with a new one might do the job. While the pressure washer is starting, the ignition coil is responsible for sending voltage towards the spark plug.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you for reading this article; why wont my Craftsman pressure washer start. We appreciate your effort, and hopefully, the information that we provide will be helpful to you. So now you know why won’t Craftsman pressure washer start. Remember, you can apply this to most pressure washers and not just ones made by Craftsman.

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