Why My Washer Wont Spin? 6 Awesome Reasons!

Have you ever asked: why my washer wont spin? Perhaps, it is because of the problem with a motor coupler, motor, drive belt, pump, and lid switch. These issues are easily diagnosed, provided you know what it is you are searching for. But then, not all of the washer repairs can be simple as they demand professional help.

Doing laundry is indeed an enjoyable task for anyone. You will only put all those dirty clothes in the washer after pressing the button.

why my washer wont spin

Afterward, you will take them out clean and tidy, and that is how things get easier. However, the mess created by a washer that does not spin can be troubling. Find out more of the reasons below and the specific fixes to consider for your peace of mind. Without further ado, let’s start!


Reasons Why Your Washer Wont Spin

Let’s answer your question: why my washer wont spin? Here are the following reasons:


#1. Unbalanced load

The spin cycle is not working well due to an unbalanced wash load that occurs with cleaning one or more heavy items like a bath sheet, comforter, and washable pet bed. The unbalanced load can also bring an ineffective spin cycle that does not stop. Fix it as you try to open the washing machine first. Please wait until it unlocks at the cycle end and shift the items around to distribute them evenly. Know how to level a washer.


#2. Packed machine

The thing is that not all love doing laundry tasks. Some will only put heavy stuff into the washer that results in a washer that does not spin. Fix this problem by not procrastinating. Remove excess fabric clothes and place them in the laundry basket. Stick only with an average size of the load that does the thing. Then, run the wet clothing that you set aside from the washer.


#3. No or inadequate drainage

The rule is that a washer does not normally spin if the laundry load is not appropriately draining water. Issues occur with draining because of a clogged or kinked drainage hose. Small items like buttons or coins from the clothing stay down there. Read about how to install washer drain hose.


#4. Defective lid switch

This defective lid switch applies only to top-loading machines. There is a device often featured in top loaders known as a lid switch. What it does is to signal the washer if it does not close properly. It is a warning signal when the lid switch stops, and the washer also does not spin. Fix this problem as you look through the side below the lid. There is a small protrusion activating the switch upon closing the lid. Bend it back if it does not bend out of shape. Replace the old lid switch with a new one if it still does not help. The majority of models cost fifty dollars or less. You may be interested about where to buy lid switches for washers and the purpose of the lid switch in your washer and signs it could be harmful.


#5. Troubled motor

Your washer may sometimes agitate, and that is still fine. However, at times the spin cycle can become troubling caused by the drive motor. The spin mode of the engine burns out even if the agitation function works correctly. The best solution for this problem is not to implement a DIY project. But then, do so if you believe you are overconfident and experienced in yourself. Please hire an experienced and qualified professional to do the motor replacement.


#6. Broken pump

The pump moves the water in the washer and into the drain hose. Thus, this allows the tub to fill in completely. The water moves out of the drain after it reaches the bend or the loop in the drain hose. Any failure in the pump can cause the water not to drain out properly from the tub. The pump is the problem if the clothes are soaking wet while pulling them out of the tub. Unplug the washer and open its access panel. See if the pump turns freely after losing the tension from the pump belt wrapped around it. Moreover, the problem can continue further if the pump belt is broken or worn. It needs replacement in this case. Have the pump removed and replaced by a new model if it does not turn freely. Ask professional help to drain the tub and to replace the pump belt and pump.


Call Professional Help!

It is best to rely on an experienced and trained appliance technician. The common reasons are mentioned already in a washer that won’t spin. A technician can help troubleshoot and evaluate the repairs needed. Let them know about the problem. It will save more time in solving the issue right away. A washer that does not spin is sometimes not easily fixed. You can safely replace a broken or worn drive belt with limited tools. The same is true if you clean the lid switch connectors. A job that demands working on a drive motor with an electrical capacitor call for expert help.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know why my washer wont spin right? It is right to keep the reasons cited above and the fixes, too. It will help you get prepared if the washing machine gets into trouble again. But do not forget too that professional assistance is a big help! You may also read related articles; know LG washer making loud noise when spinning and how to use a washer.

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