Why Is My Washer Not Spinning? 5 Best Reasons And Their Solutions!

After finding the soaking wet clothes at the end of the washer cycle, you must be wondering why is my washer not spinning? Well, there can be multiple reasons. To figure out the solution to these issues, read this article. By the end, you will probably fix the problem with the washer on your own.

Doing laundry is an easy task in the modern world. All you have to do is categorize the clothes according to the color and dump them in a washer along with detergent.

why is my washer not spinning

After clothes are washed, the washer will beep the alarm to remind you to take out load. When you find the clothes wet, it can hassle you. In case if you live in a small apartment, there would be little to no space for drying soaking wet laundry. The washer requires proper care and handling. If you are rough with it and do not pay attention to the minor problems, the washer can damage beyond repair. 


Reasons Why Your Washer Is Not Spinning

So, why is my washer not spinning? Following are the five common problems and their solutions.:


Reason #1. Overfilling of the drum 

If you find wet clothes at the end of the washing cycle or your washer is not working. It happens due to overfilling the washer with laundry than it can accommodate. Often people who don’t enjoy doing laundry dump all the clothes in the washer at once.  



You need to divide your load before throwing it all in because every washer comes with a different size and capacity of the drum. In case you happen to own a small washing machine with a capacity of 5kgs.  Make sure that you make sections of your laundry and don’t wash it all in one cycle. An unequal split of laundry within the drum might create damage to the spinner in your washer.  


Reason #2. Washing heavy duty items 

The most common problem is adding heavy-duty items, such as coats, blankets, or carpets. The washer will stop working in the middle of the cycle. Usually, water-absorbing things like carpets and comforters cause damage to the spinner. Typically, you will find bulky items like these soaking wet at the cycle.  



To reduce uneven loading, if you want to wash thick things such as comforters, wash it with another big thing, such as a large towel or perhaps another comforter. However, make sure you are not overfilling the drum. Assuming that washer stops in the middle of the spinning. We suggest you halt the machine, drain the water and take out the laundry. Then, reposition the items and start the washing machine again. Your washer will start spinning again. Know how to balance a washer.


Reason #3. Unbalanced placement of the washer  

If the machine is not spinning, check if it is leveled accordingly on the floor. Whenever the washer is not placed-properly on the surface or floor, this may create high sounds and movement and excessive vibration throughout the spinning stage. In addition, an unbalanced washer will create many complications in the spinner and the drum that can damage the washer.  



If your washer is unbalanced, level it accordingly by adjusting the shipping bolts. If your floor surface is rough and uneven, it makes the machine vibrate. We suggest you use pieces of plywood underneath it. It makes the machine level and reduces the vibration. 


Reason #4. The lid is not closed  

Until the washer’s lid is not closed machine won’t operate. You will hear the clicking sound once the lid is closed. For the washer to function, the lid needs to close securely. If you don’t hear any beep and the washer is not working issue is with the lid switch. Therefore, the washer will not spin the load. 



For your safety, unload and unplug the washer. Next, unscrew the upper panel using a screwdriver and remove it from the washer. Inspect the upper panel and locate the faulty switch. Next, unscrew the old switch by loosening the clamp. Discard the faulty switch and replace it with the new one. You can buy the new switch from any hardware shop. If you cannot replace the switch, call a technician to do the job. It may be helpful to read about where to buy lid switches for washers.


Reason #5. Blocked drainage line 

The washer will not begin spinning the load until all the water inside the drum is not emptied. If water is not draining from the drum, there is typically a problem with the drainage line. Water Discharge issues are frequently caused; by a curving and blocked disposal line. The drainage system is plugged by things: from the clothes such as threads from any loose sweaters, loose buttons, or maybe coins.   



Pull your washing machine from the wall and straighten the drainpipe by aligning all twists and bents. Next, clean the drainage pipe by removing all the clogged material. If you want you can replace it too. Drain pipes are available at almost every hardware store. It may also be a good idea to read about how to install washer drain hose and how to fix a washer that wont drain.


It’s A Wrap!

 If your washer won’t spin, use the above-given tricks to resolve almost all the issues regarding the spinning drum of your washer. The washer is the most used item of any household. The proper maintenance of the washer is necessary to keep it running smoothly for years. If you do not manage to troubleshoot problems independently, it is always best to seek professional help. Now, you know why is my washer not spinning. You may also want to know the proper wash cycle.

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