Why Is My Stove Clicking? 5 Amazing Reasons!

You might hear a distinct sound that makes you wonder: why is my stove clicking? You probably hear this sound as soon as you have turned the knob of your burner. The sound is attributed to its electric igniter. When the flame starts, you will notice the clicking will stop.

However, in some cases, the clicking will continue even if the burner lit up completely.

why is my stove clicking

It may be an indication of an issue in the spark mechanisms, knobs, or burner cap. It would be an inconvenience to your cooking. So it is best to have your unit diagnosed or repaired by professionals, but it wouldn’t hurt to try out some troubleshooting tips that will provide below.


4 Stoves Troubleshooting Tips

Pay attention to the gas smell if you have problems with your stove. If you think that you smell gas, leave the premises and contact your service provider. But in case there is no gas leak in your stove, continue on for some repair suggestions.


Tip #1. Replace the burner cap

Remove the burner grill and reinstall the burner cap when the stove is excellent. The cap may be centered, tilted on one side, or darkened with food. Clean it and be sure that it is securely connected to the stove before you attempt to attach it back.


Tip #2. Dry the stove

If you are used to cooking with plenty of water or placing a still-wet pot on the brass, additional humidity may create difficulties. Ensure that the stove is dry, including the cap and grate, using a cloth or paper towel before utilizing the burner.


Tip #3. Get rid of any food debris

When cooking on a stove, food tends to bounce off. Food scrap may collect even in the bottom surrounding the burner. In addition, the connection between the burner and the gas line may be damaged by food crumbs and high grease. Keep a clean stove and eliminate any food waste from these sensitive regions.


Tip #4. Get professional help

Always be careful while your stove is being repaired. Stop what you’re doing and contact a professional if you’re not comfortable attempting to fix your stove if anything is out of place. If you do not find the proper procedure for your stove to function again, you certainly have a more significant hand issue.

Contact your service provider to check whether the gas line works correctly. You may also need to contact a professional to repair your stove.


5 Common Reasons Why Is My Stove Clicking

In this section, let us look at the common reasons why the stove continuously produces a clicking sound. We will likewise provide some remedies for the following issues.


#1. Sensor problems

A thermocouple opens when the pilot gas is switched on and stays open throughout the whole operation of the stove. If it doesn’t open correctly, the stove won’t light up. Modern gas lines are fitted with thermostats and thermal sensors to regulate the temperature of their stove.

But the thermostat or thermal sensor may not heat your stove if it is damaged or incorrectly calibrated. Thermal fuses are also included in some thermal sensors. If the stove overheats, the thermal fuse may detonate. Although this is very uncommon, it does happen and stops the stove from igniting.


#2. Control panel issues

The panel serves as the brain of the stove. It is responsible for the operations of the gas range. If the stove does not light up, it may have faulty controls. The stove is typically caused by the breakdown of the control power output to the ignition system.


#3. Low-fire problem

Did you realize that your gas stove doesn’t get hot enough? There are many reasons why the flames of the stove are so low and don’t heat up. Make sure you have adequate fuel first and foremost. You may do this by monitoring the burning of cooktop burners. Check your gas supply valve until these burners are turned on.


#4. Valve issue

If the oven valves don’t function properly, they won’t warm up or reach the required temperature. When damaged, some valves may lead to fuel failure resulting in low flames in the stove. Devices increase the valve action by limiting the gas flow through the valve until an appropriate ignition fire is present. So, here are the five common stove top problems and how to fix them.


#5. Ignition problem

The spark switch starts the ignition by delivering the power to the spark module. Due to dampness, power problem, or other reasons, the switch may be reduced. Also, a defective ignition switch may start providing the module with a constant current, which results in a continuous click. So, know why gas stove igniter keeps clicking after I turn it off.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you know why is my stove clicking. It makes a clicking sound, to begin with. If you start to turn the stove on, you should hear the sound of a “click.” This indicates that the electric ignitor tries to light the burner. Unfortunately, the “click” sound doesn’t always suggest that the gas passes through the burner.

If the burner does not light at all, you may turn the gas off, or the gas line connection may have been problematic. Do you want more articles about fixing your appliances? Read here on how to fix a Freon leak in a mini-fridge and how to fix fridge door. Thank you for reading!