How To Fix A Freon Leak In A Mini Fridge? 3 Easy Steps You Should Follow!

Do you know how to fix a Freon leak in a mini fridge? All you have to do is find the leak and seal it, and then you would have to put new Freon in the fridge refrigerant lines through the compressor’s fill line. If you have been wondering lately why the inside of your fridge isn’t getting cold even though it is deafening and sounds like it is working very hard, then you probably have a nasty case of Freon leakage on your hands.

You could always call some people to come and fix your fridge. That would be your best option if you have the money and don’t have much free time. Then, there would be no need to add this to your problems. All you have to do is pay the repair costs. This guide, however, is something that could help you if you plan on repairing yourself, just for experience’s sake or if you like fixing things.

how to fix a freon leak in a mini fridge

Doing it yourself will also give you that unexplainable feeling of accomplishment once you transform that defective mini fridge into something as good as new. This article will talk about Freon and all about its nature. It will tell you how to know if your fridge is leaking Freon and thoroughly explain how to fix a Freon leak. If these topics somehow pique your interest, then keep on scrolling.


What Is Freon

The refrigerant commonly used in air conditioners and refrigerators is called Freon. It is a type of gas that does not combust and has unique properties making it suitable for applications related to cooling appliances and devices.

It is made to repeatedly undergo processes such as evaporation and condensation within the refrigerant lines with the help of the compressor. Learn here what a refrigerator compressor is. This makes the air that passes through these lines cooler in air conditioners and is why refrigerators and freezers get cold inside. Freon is made to be used repeatedly within the cooling system of a fridge and is very sensitive to leaks.

If there are leaks, the pressure would drop and will prevent the system from working properly as it should. That is why a fridge owner needs to know if their fridge has a Freon leak as soon as possible. If there is leakage and something is not done immediately, other more complicated problems could arise. If you want to learn more about how to fix a Freon leak in a mini fridge, then continue reading.


Is Your Fridge Leaking Freon

So how exactly can you determine if your fridge is leaking Freon? First of all, keep in mind that Freon can have a detrimental effect on one’s health if exposed to it. So something you would have to look out for is if the food you store inside the fridge does not get cool and even gets spoiled. This is because Freon leaks will hinder the fridge from cooling properly. Another sign is if your fridge is loud all of the time, its compressor is continuously running.

So the fridge is trying to maintain a certain temperature that it could not reach, potentially because of a Freon leak.

We all know what a compressor that does not stop working will bring us. Not lower fridge temperatures, but rather higher electric bills. If there is leakage, you could also tell by the way it smells near your fridge. If you always smell that weird scent that does not seem to come from food, then it might be Freon.

Lastly, long exposures to Freon can make your health suffer and can lead to refrigerant poisoning. This will make you experience some symptoms, such as headaches and nausea. Get your fridge fixed or fix it immediately if you see some of these signs.


Steps How To Fix A Freon Leak In A Mini Fridge

Now that we know all about Freon leaks, it is time for you to decide if you would have it fixed or rather do it yourself. If you choose the latter, then have no worries. The steps will be provided below and explained in detail.


Step #1. Finding where the Freon is leaking from

The first thing to do is locate the leak. You can’t fix something if you don’t know where to find it. Next, remove the things inside the mini-fridge and observe them. Look for any surface damages inside the fridge. If you do find them make sure to seal them using silicone or any sealing method of choice.

You can also apply soapy water on the lines inside and on the back of the mini-fridge. If you see bubbles appear when turned on, then that is probably where the leak is. After checking and making sure that all the lines are air-tight.


Step #2. Vacuuming the refrigerant lines

You would then have to vacuum the refrigerant lines and replace the old Freon, as it could be contaminated due to the leakage. The amount will not be enough because some of it has leaked out. Use a vacuum pump to suck all of the air and stuff out. The hose can be attached to the refrigerant fill line, usually found at the compressor. After some time, the vacuum will suck everything out, and you can move on to the next step.


Step #3. Adding the new Freon

You can connect the Freon can or bottle and add the new refrigerant using the same fill line. With the gauge and hose, make sure that you add the right amount. Then you could go and seal the refrigerant access line to finish everything up. You can also add Polyalkylene Glycol oil to the compressor for it to act as a lubricant.  


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to fix a Freon leak in a mini fridge. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. For more information, read how to add Freon to the fridge or learn how to get rid of Freon from your fridge.  Thank you for your time!

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