Why Is My Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating? 7 Common Reasons With Solution!

Are you looking for why is my speed queen dryer not heating? A faulty thermal fuse, burnt gas valve solenoid coils, unstable heating element, and incoming power problem are the major causes. 

Any disturbance in the speed queen dryer reduces its working ability of it. Due to which this dryer does not heat properly. And when the dryer is not heating properly, it does not dry your clothes effectively and efficiently. That’s why it is crucial to fix this issue as soon as possible. 

why is my speed queen dryer not heating

Yes, my friends, it’s all true about it. But to fix this issue, you must have a complete understanding of all the methods and techniques that assist you in solving this problem. So, if you are interested in this article and want to learn more, continue reading the article at the end. Let’s have a deep look at why the speed queen dryer is not heating properly.


Why Is Your Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating?

Your dryer is not heating properly, and you don’t know how to fix it? Well, stop thinking more about why is my speed queen dryer not heating properly? In this article, we have discussed the reasons due to which this problem occurs. Below we have mentioned all the possible causes of the heating problem. Let’s begin!


#1.Thermal fuse

The thermal fuse seems to be a protective feature that prevents your dryer from becoming too hot. This switch is positioned on the dryer or blower housing heat source, which is usually the heating element on the burner on gas dryers or electric dryers.

When the fuse is good, it must be shut for consistency, which means it will have a constant current channel through it. The fuse has no texture if it has been overheated, indicating that the electricity route has been disrupted and the fuse has burst. It may be checked for consistency with a voltmeter.

Remember that a burst thermal circuit indicates a clogged vent from the dryer towards the outdoors. Before fixing a blown thermal fuse, make sure to test the dryer exhaust.


#2. Solenoid for a gas valve

Three or even more gas valve solenoid coils are found in fuel dryers. The gas valve solenoids allow fuel to escape the combustion component by opening the gas valve outlets. The dryer will not operate if the gas valve solenoid malfunctions. Inspect the igniter to see whether one or both gas valve solenoid valves have broken. The gas valve solenoid is malfunctioning if the igniter flashes and then fades out without igniting the gas. We suggest updating all of the gas valve springs when one or both are damaged.


#3. Check the ignitor 

To burn the gas inside the combustor unit, the igniter employs fire. The gas will not ignite if, indeed, the igniter is not operating, stopping the dryer from warming. Using a multimeter should check for consistency in the igniter whether it has burnt out. Reinstall the ignition coil if one doesn’t have consistency.


#4. Check the flame detector

The flame sensor on a gas dryer monitors the heat released mainly through combustion. The dryer will not warm if the flame sensor is not functioning. Keep in mind the igniter, and thermal fuse aren’t faulty before testing the flame sensor. Using a multimeter can check the flame sensor and consistency at ambient temperature to see whether it’s malfunctioning. Reinstall the flame sensor if it can not exhibit consistency at average temp.


#5. Thermostatic element

Before entering the dryer drum, the air is warmed by the heating element. The heating element might burn out after time, leading the dryer to stop warming. We need a multimeter to check for consistency to see whether the heating element has scorched out. Rebuild the heating element as it doesn’t maintain persistence.


#6. A problem with incoming power

If your speed queen dryer does not get hot, it might be due to a power outage. Electric dryers require two 120 volt AC legs to equal 240 volts. It’s relatively unusual for a breaker or single circuit to blow, allowing the dryer to operate but not heat properly. A multi-meter must be used to inspect the circuit breaker, fuse box, or test the current just at the socket.


#7. Thermostat with a high limit

If the dryer gets too hot, the elevated thermometer checks the heat and cuts off the flame. Even when the dryer is not overheated, the elevated thermometer may cut off the burners if it malfunctions. This is, however, an uncommon occurrence. Examine all of the less typically broken products before changing the maximum limit thermometer. If most of the remaining parts appear in good working order, use a multimeter to check the thermostats. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged and dryer make a noise when tumbling.


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading this, you get the answer to why is my speed queen dryer not heating. We have discussed all the possible reasons why a dryer is not heating correctly. To understand well, read the article at the end. Thank you, friends, for being with us! You may also want to read about 5 common electric dryer repair problems.

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