Why Is My Car Heater Making A Weird Noise? 2 Surprising Causes!

Perhaps, you are driving to work when you hear a weird sound, so you ask yourself: why is my car heater making a weird noise? In the modern world, many technologies are designed to make us even more comfortable in the car by providing smooth and soundless operations. 

But if the loud sound coming from your car heater is causing concern, it is ideal to figure out the source and determine whether or not it’s normal or an indication that your heating system is faulty. In this post, you will find out the weird noises produced by car heaters and what they mean. 

why is my car heater making a weird noise


Causes Why A Car Heater Making A Weird Noise

Of course, you wouldn’t want to heat wear noises from the dashboards of your car. But at times, you will heater bizarre sounds after you start the car, and it often comes from the air vents. Naturally, you will get alarmed, and it means that you will incur costs for the repairs. However, it may not be that bad. Sometimes, the issue is simple, but the strange sound seems that the heating system is horrible. Read below, and if either of the two is the case for you, you are fortunate. It is nothing serious. So, why is my car heater making a weird noise?


#1. Paper in the glove compartment

Suppose the noise seems not to stop. Then, you are most likely facing more issues. If there are numerous pieces of paper inside the glove compartment, including registration forms and loose receipts, they can slip out of the door. Try to open the compartment and remove everything that it contains. 

Close its door slowly, and you will see that it is open at the back. This is true for most cars. They do not have a full back that can hold those papers in. Those papers might end up close to the filter, resulting in the whistling sound. Look at the gap closely and remove the papers. But in case you do not see any paper down there, you will have to bring your car for repair. You can ask the technician to check your heating and ventilation system so that you need not deal with the whistling sound again when you drive. 


#2. Blocked vents

A whistling sound produced after turning the heat on can mean that something is blocking the vents, reducing the airflow. This case can be serious but check your dashboard vents first before resorting to the expensive repairs. Perhaps, someone sits at the passenger seat in front of you moves some items on that spot, such as windshield sunscreens and packages. If the vent is hit by something as you move the grocery bags, the lever of the vent may close. In such a case, the whistling sound you hear is the air’s sound that cannot get through. 

Since the vent is closed, the air cannot pass through, which means that you will not feel the heated air. This is often a surprise to most people since they often neglect to check the vents. If you have seen that the vent isn’t completely open, you should open the lever completely, and the noise will stop. Otherwise, you are facing a worse issue that requires repairs. 



In this section, let us answer some more questions about why my car heater is making a weird noise. I often hear these questions, so I decided to answer them. 


#1. Why is the fan making noise?

Regardless of the noise, you hear – grinding, rattling, or faint sound as the heater blows heated air lightly, or the worse kind of noises such as the vibrating sound from the dashboard when you turn up the heat. But take note that it necessarily indicates that something bad is going on with your car heater. However, distracting and loud the noise of the heater fan gets, it can be fixed. 


#2. What causes the loud car heater noise?

The loud noises that you hear after turning on the car heater typically indicate an issue with the blower motor. Most often than not, it results from trash or debris caught and accumulated in the motor. 


#3. Why is the car heater makes a screeching sound?

If the noise source is the blower motor, then the bushes are most likely worn out. You can spray a lube grease or lube if you can access this part quickly. Another plausible cause is the drive bet of the heater compressor problem. The compressor is engaging in certain selections of heating modes. It may be helpful to read about car heater not blowing hot air.


It’s A Wrap!

When your car’s heating system begins to make a weird noise, it typically wants to tell you something. You should not ignore this and continue driving your vehicle like no sound is bothering you. The problem is simple and can be fixed quickly, but it can also indicate a serious issue. After you know the answer to why is my car heater making a weird noise, you need to solve the issue or bring it for repairs if it is something worse. Otherwise, it can damage your car. You may want to read related articles; know why is my car heater not working and how to make car heater warm up faster.

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