What Is The Best Type Of Heater For A Greenhouse? 6 Best Choices!

If you take gardening seriously, you most likely want to know what is the best type of heater for a greenhouse. Many space heaters can keep your greenhouse warm.

In this excellent space, you can keep your flowers and plants safe against harsh environments and any other things that can cause harm to them. Plus, this will allow growth and nurturing throughout the entire year, regardless of the climate outside. 

what is the best type of heater for a greenhouse

Despite the efficient insulation inside the greenhouse, you would want to ensure that the plants are kept warm during winter. A space heater can complement the insulation. Commonly, gas heaters and infrared heaters are used as secondary heat sources. More on this below!


The Best Type Of Heater For A Greenhouse

You can choose from different space heaters for your greenhouse so that the plants will be healthy and safe. Note that all of them are designed differently, so they will work uniquely when heating the greenhouse. So, what is the best type of heater for a greenhouse?


#1. Electric heaters

An electric space heater is a safe and clean heat source for the greenhouse. Most gardeners use this since they can heat the greenhouse quickly and efficiently. If your greenhouse is small, this would be perfect. Since they run on electricity, it is advisable that you only use them inside a closed space. But if you want to use it in a big greenhouse, you need to buy three up to four units which mean higher utility units. You can get either a convective or radiant space heater. These two are operated by electricity. All electric heaters are designed with knobs that allow you to control the temperature in the greenhouse. You can adjust the temperature based on a given time. The main disadvantage of this is a fire hazard.


#2. Conventional heaters

These are fuel-based heaters. And these heaters use several energy sources, including wood, natural gas, or kerosene. What’s impressive about this kind heater is that you can use them to heat both small and big greenhouses. Conventional heaters are manufactured to heat large areas. However, it would help if you did not use fuel-based heaters in an enclosed or small space because they emit toxic carbons harmful to you and your plants. In other words, these heaters are meant for outdoor use.


#3. Portable heaters

A portable space here is lightweight and portable to take it anywhere. This is an ideal option if you want to move the unit a lot. It is designed with wheels making it easier to move around the greenhouse. But since they are operated by electricity, you should not use them too much. Or else, you will face a high electricity bill. This type of space heater also poses fire risks, so you need to be careful. Furthermore, storing this during summer can be a bit challenging. You will encounter this challenger regardless of the type of heater you use. 


#4. Ceramic heaters

This type of space heater also runs on electricity. This is because it produces so much heat despite its tiny box. Given its small size, a ceramic space heater is also portable and can be used anywhere heat is needed. Some advantages of this unit include less fire risk, lower price, and energy efficiency. Aside from that, it doesn’t get too hot, making it safe when you accidentally touch the unit. Remember that it is not ideal to use it in more significant areas. When your greenhouse is large, this may not be the right heater for you. But it will work well in an enclosed and tiny space, making them perfect for your small greenhouse. 


#5. Oil-filled heaters

Although this looks like a regular radiator, its permanent and primary fuel source includes electricity and oil. But an oil heater uses lesser electricity than typical space heaters. Plus, this is more cost-effective. It is also designed with wheels to allow optimal portability. 


#6. Infrared heaters

What’s good about this heater is that the heat is directed onto the objects. The air will only become warmer due to the heat absorbed by the things. It is very efficient when it comes to heating the essential things only, which in this instance are your plants. 


It’s A Wrap!

Space heaters can be used for various applications, and when you ask: what is the best type of heater for a greenhouse, this is the answer! They can keep the plants in your greenhouse fuzzy and warm. But there are different space heaters that you can use in various settings. So you should get the one that will suit your requirements. 

When you are to choose, you need to consider your income, greenhouse size, and temperature reading. If you can pay high electricity bills every month, you can get an electric heater. But if you cannot afford this, a conventional space heater can provide good heating while being economical at the same time. Again, you can purchase any space heater discussed above to warm and protect the plants in your greenhouse. The best type of heater for your greenhouse depends on personal needs. 

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