How To Make Your Twin Bed Bigger? 6 Best Solutions!

Are you not satisfied with the size of your twin bed and ask, “how to make your twin bed bigger?”

You might think of upgrading your bed to make it bigger. Because sleeping on a small bed can be uncomfortable, especially if you can’t move freely.

how to make your twin bed bigger

Imagine sleeping in your bed. Then your feet go out the edge of your bed or you are stuck in one sleeping position, frustrating.

Buying another bed would be the simplest choice, but add size if you don’t want to change your bed.

You might be thinking of ways to make your twin bed bigger for you to have better sleep and other people who sleep in your home.

If that is the case, this article would be a big help to you.

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Solutions To Make Your Twin Bed Bigger

I can tolerate maybe 2 or 3 days of not fitting in my bed, but I can’t live with it forever.

It’s annoying—cold air entering your comforter through your feet which overlap with your bed.

Instead of feeling relaxed and warm, you feel cold and annoyed because of your overgrown feet.

Growing is not the problem here, but the bed is too small, so you need to find a solution.

Adding mattresses, bed extenders, foot benches, or just simply sleeping by yourself can add more space to your twin bed.

We looked up ways you can increase bed size without buying a new bed

So, how to make your twin bed bigger?

And here they are:


Solution #1. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter

Filling your bed with tons of your favorite stuffed toys and pillows is fine, but you must sacrifice something.

You either choose your sleep or stuffed toys, and stuffed toys can make you wake up refreshed.

When you are moving around in your bed, you should be rolling over a teddy bear smiling and should invest all the space in yourself.

You can also switch some of your pillows to puffy comforters since they can function the same way.

Figuring out how many pillows you need and set aside other unnecessary pillows and stuffed toys.


Solution #2. Invest in a headboard with a headrest

Headboards can take up some of your bed space. So though it can make your bed look bigger, it can take up some space.

There are some inches which your headboard and bed meet, and of course, you want that space to be for yourself.

Having a headboard with a headrest allows you to add space, especially if it is angled and not straight.

Heavy and bulky headboards can take up much space.

You might want to change that to something lighter and has a headrest to provide support when you’re sleeping.


Solution #3. Add a foot bench

Having a bench at the end of a bed is a go-to bedroom décor.

Adding one can effectively add length to your twin bed.

Have the length of your foot bench be equal to the width of your bed to make it proportional and not make it look awkward.

Measuring the size of the bed before buying the footrest would be the wise way to go.

A cushioned foot bench is the best way to go because placing your feet on a hard bench can be uncomfortable.

Making your bench match your comforter is also a nice touch so that guests cannot determine to which the actual bed ends.


Solution #4. Kick pets off the bed

I don’t mean literally, but your pets can sleep on the floor and still be comfortable.

But, on the other hand, it is limited to a sleeping space because your dog is big is annoying.

Give your bed to yourself, especially if you are living alone, it’s your personal space, and you should utilize it to its total capacity.

They take up so much space, especially if you have a small bed, it would be better to sleep by yourself.


Solution #5. Use a trundle

Using a trundle would essentially be like adding another bed to your side.

Having a trundle can increase space, especially if there someone sleeping in the house other than you.

When your kid has a sleepover, the trundle can be helpful. Then you can tuck it back when his friend goes home.

Being a single parent and having a young kid that keeps on getting nightmares, a trundle is a great solution for your kid to have his or her own space.


Solution #6. Use bed extenders

A bed extender, as said in the name, extends your bed to a certain length.

For example, it can turn your twin bed into an XL bed.

Memory foam and extra mattresses can increase the size of any bed.

Pairing these things with a bed bridge would make them unnoticeable as extenders.

When looking for bed extenders, make sure to make them fit your bed frame to avoid any inconveniences.


Warping Up!

And that is all the information needed to answer the question, how to make your twin bed bigger?

Remember to take into account your budget and the size of your actual before extending the size.

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