Why Does My New Mattress Smell And How To Remove It

The answer to why does my new mattress smell is because of off-gassing. This is especially apparent to synthetic foam products such as memory foam and polyurethane. But is this dangerous for the health?

This article will talk about everything you need to know about mattress off-gassing. But if you notice a musty smell, it might be a separate issue. So here is how to get the musty smell out of the mattress

why does my new mattress smell


Why Does My New Mattress Have A Smell?


New mattresses have a smell because of off-gassing

New mattresses have a unique chemical odor, especially those made from synthetic materials and compressed for a long time. This is why bed-in-a-box beds have a chemical scent upon expanding and even foam mattresses once you remove their plastic cover. Only new mattresses have this smell because it is from the VOCs in the material being broken down as you unravel the new bed. 

So what is mattress off-gassing? From the name itself, mattresses tend to produce a smell or, more specifically, odorous gases because of the breakdown of the VOCs. Some compare it to the scent of a newly-opened can paint, and memory foam beds are notorious for this characteristic after you unbox them. 


Is New Bed Smell Harmful?

The new mattress smell or mattress off-gassing is not harmful as long as you confirmed that the product emits low levels of VOC. This is why it’s crucial to check the mattress for certifications from bodies like GREENGUARD Gold and Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Furthermore, you must check the chemicals and materials in the bed if they have passed the safety requirements and won’t put you at health risk. 

For example, the foam should be certified for indoor air quality. In addition, the fire retardant layer in the bed is not from carcinogenic chemicals like chlorinated Tris. An excellent chemical flame retardant alternative is wool, and you can also check if the manufacturer didn’t include a potentially dangerous chemical antimicrobial treatment on the bed. A helpful tip to efficiently keep your distance from hazardous chemicals is selecting healthy mattresses. 

Here are the best natural latex mattress brands for your information. They are even certified organic, and the overall structure of each mattress is free from dangerous chemicals. 


How Long Does It Take For Memory Foam To Stop Smelling?

The smell on the new memory foam mattress can take anywhere from days to weeks to finish. Remember that you have to consider the type of memory foam you have and how dense it is. Most mattress manufacturers will mention the waiting period for the memory foam to stop smelling, so it should be reasonable to contact the brand if the mattress still smells beyond the expected period. 

You can also read these tips on how to speed up mattress off-gassing so that you can use your new bed as soon as possible. 


How Do You Get The Smell Out Of A New Mattress?

The best way to deodorize your new mattress and get rid of the chemical smell is by ventilating it outdoors. If the weather does not permit, place the bed indoors with the doors and windows open. You can even consider putting a circulating fan in the room to help aerate the bed. 

Another popular method to freshen your new mattress is by pouring baking soda on it. What will happen when you pour baking soda on the bed? Baking soda can help absorb the smell on the mattress, and you can leave the powder overnight before vacuuming it off to see if the chemical smell is still noticeable the next day. 


Should I Air Out My Mattress?

It’s imperative to air out your new mattress because it will help with finishing off-gassing much sooner. You are also allowing the mattress to expand and return to its proper shape. This way, you will get the expected feel and support with the bed. 

Consider allowing the new mattress to breathe for 24 to 48 hours. If the smell is still noticeable or you think it has not returned to its promised dimensions, it may take longer. Always consult your mattress manual for any potential practice recommendations from the manufacturer as the product air outs. 


Can You Sleep On A New Mattress Straight Away?

It’s possible to sleep on a new mattress right away, as some brands even market their mattresses to be usable immediately after unboxing. Some manufacturers even encourage sleeping on the new bed on the first night as this helps loosen the components and restore its original feel. However, you’ll be the one to judge the mattress smell and structure if they won’t affect your sleeping experience.

If you can’t sleep on the new mattress right away, you can still help with its break-in period by pressing various parts of the surface or even walking over it. If you have several books, you can place them on the mattress to help loosen the structure. 



Did this article answer your question? To recap why does my new mattress smell, it is the gasses formed by the VOCs being broken down as you uncovered the bed. It should not pose any health risk as long as you get your mattress from reputable brands with certifications regarding tests and standards for indoor air quality and safe chemical use. 

We hope you learned a lot from us, and feel free to check our blogs for other mattress-related issues. 

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