Why Does My Heater Keep Tripping The Breaker? 5 Surprising Reasons!

The question is: why does my heater keep tripping the breaker? The main reason for that question is that a strained blower within your heater mainly destroys your heater breaker. And maybe there is much stress that is happening in your heater that it lets the heater breaker block vents for your hose. So being open and mindful about this is very important for you to know and consider.

Your heater breaker has a motor that you need to check from time to time to avoid blockage to the air vents. You must place your blower motor in the right place and, if possible, place it in a spacious area so that it won’t be hard for you to adjust it from time to time when needed. Moving furniture and structures is also why your heater keeps tripping the breaker, so make sure to check it from time to time and act well on it.

why does my heater keep tripping the breaker

If your heater still keeps tripping better, you would ask for assistance on how you will handle it. Being able to know about this is essential. Always take care of your appliance and be open to what is possible to happen, especially for a tripped kind of breaker. Probably if this happens, there is something wrong that is happening. And it would help if you dealt with it as soon as possible. If you are willing to read and learn more, my friend better delve deeper into this article. So let us start!


Reasons Why Your Heater Keeps Tripping The Breaker

There are so many reasons why does my heater keep tripping the breaker. Suppose you are willing to know these reasons, you better give us a time for you to be able to understand and learn something. If there is a strained blower of your heater, it is not that far that it would cause tripping on the breaker. It triggers your breaker. The following are the reasons why your breaker keeps tripping the breaker.


#1. The air filter of your heater is clogged

There is a clog on your air filter because, as has been stated above, your blower has been strained. And this is the main reason to point out why there is clogging of the air filter. If you plan to change the furnace filter, you must do it regularly. If possible, every 1-2 months is based on what type of filter you have for change. So keep in mind this one so that you are aware. 


#2. The air vents of your heater are blocked 

Suppose your motor has been placed under much stress. That would be why your heater has blocked the vents of air. Moving your vents and furniture very off could add up to this problem. Raising the air pressure is one of the doings of blocked air vents, which could happen in your system. It will add more stress to your blower, triggering some more tripping from your heater breaker. Be mindful about this one.


#3. There is a problem with the heater’s motor

When this thing happens, the motor is faulty. You can assure and approve this one when you try to power the engine, it can’t work well, and somehow some signs lead you to the thought that there is a problem. Wiring down in the motor leads to shortages that will cause your heater breaker to trip if this occurs continuously. It is better to ask for help or assistance from the technicians to fix or replace it if needed.


#4. Leaking

Leaking is one of the ways why there is air escaping. When air escapes from the system, it runs from the breaks and leaks. That is why you find it questionable sometimes. When there is too much load, it can cause your heater breaker to trip, and you must address this as soon as possible to lessen the damages that may happen. Leaks to your ventilation need to be taken care of and must be acted on fast to prevent problems from coming out.


#5. Problem with the panel

It is one of the reasons why your breaker tripped, not just because of the placed furnace with stress but because there is a problem with your electrical panel. There must be damage to the breaker or the electrical panel. When this thing happens, that includes electricity better to step aside from this and let individuals with knowledge and capability deal with this one. Let them fix this problem as soon as possible and accurately. You may also be interested to know about common reasons the heater stopped working.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know the answer: why does my heater keep tripping the breaker. May this article help you gain some knowledge that you could use for your benefit and learn how you could deal accurately and carefully with the problems with your heater. Always remember that it is better to have something in mind than nothing. It has been a great day today. Have a blessed and prosperous time and the day, my friend! Thank you for reading this far.

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