How To Wire a 220 Water Heater? 5 Easy Steps!

The question is: how to wire a 220 water heater? There are steps on how you could wire a 220 water heater, and the first thing you need to keep in mind is your safety while you are on the verge of doing it. You know what? You could wire a 220 water heater by yourself without the help of others. Proper procedures with protective stuff for your safety are enough to start the wiring. Better take this seriously to prevent any accidents because one mistake, a 220v, would be enough to harm you.

A water heater could last long if you are assured of maintaining it well. Knowing how to wire a wire heater is vital because it serves as additional support to the water heater to extend its lifespan. Probably a water heater could last for 12-15 years. Being able to replace and connect wiring to its unit will help. As an individual, you have to take good care of your appliance and know how to deal with them accurately and cautiously.

how to wire a 220 water heater

Knowing how to wire a water heater is not that difficult, especially if you have watched some procedural videos. There are so many instructional videos that you can find once you search for this one. But except that, this article will also provide you with the idea and steps on how you would wire a 220 water heater. There are just five steps that you should know. As you delve deeper into this article, you will find out. So without further ado, let us start!


Steps To Wire A 220 Water Heater

Before you start wiring your water heater, the imperative thing you must do is ask yourself, is the electricity still running or not? Do you need to check then electricity usage? Yes, of course, you must. There are tendencies that the power is running to the water heater, and you have to turn it off. There are so many things that you should consider, and all of those, we will going to tackle. The following are the steps on how to wire a 220 water heater.


Step # 1. Remove the junction box and do the voltage testing

You know what? At the side or the top of the water heater is where you could find the junction box. You have to remove it by using a screwdriver. In line with it, before starting with the proper wiring, you must consider checking and testing the voltage to be safe. Remember that when you are dealing with the components of your appliance, you must have to check the power if there is electricity that is running to the water heater. It is better to be sure and safe first; works and tasks could wait.


Step # 2. Removing the knockout and stripping the insulation wires

A better step to acquire in wiring a water heater is to remove the knockout and strip the insulation wires. You could find it inside the junction box. Use needlenose pliers to remove it. Then after that, it is now the time you will strip the insulation wires. Since you are the one who will be doing it, you have to remove the sheath first to see the wiring. Then strip about .70 of insulation, then it is done.


Step # 3. Fish the wiring

After doing the steps above, it is now the time that you will fish the wiring. You can run the wires through the connector. In there, you would be able to sea the sheathed part of the cable wherein you must clamp and tighten them. Through the knockout, you would be able to fish the wire and position your connector on the nut. Be careful while doing this step because there is the water included, and you do not want to interrupt your overall work because of a small mistake. 


Step # 4. Connect the heater to the circuit

In this step, you will be back to the junction box. You will wrap the screw and secure it within the junction box. Take the wire with the color black from the circuit and a wire from the water heater, then inline it or connect it. It would be great to wrap the other wire with tape. There is a panel breaker in a water heater; better to do this or repeat it to the panel. Take note of this one and be mindful when wiring a water heater.


Step # 5. Replacing the cover box

For the last step, it is now the time that you should replace the cover box or four junction boxes. Since you had been able to do all the steps on your own, you remove the cover of the junction box at the beginning, and then it is just that you have to replace it with a new one. Next, you can fill it with water and then turn on the breaker. Being able to do this correctly and cautiously, you would be able to run your new heater and know how to wire your 220 water heater. You may also be interested to know about repairing common electric water heater problems.


It’s A Wrap! 

Now that you already know the answer: how to wire a 220 water heater. May this article have been a great help for you. We hope that it gives you the idea and the knowledge on how you would be able to do such a thing and be mindful of the things that matter upon dealing with your water heater. Your effort upon reading this article is so much appreciated. You may also want to read about how to test an electric water heater and how to determine breaker size for water heater.

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