Why Do I Need A Bed Skirt? 3 Best Reasons Why!

Caught yourself asking, why do I need a bed skirt?

Then, you have come to the right place because we will be talking about that in this post.

why do I need a bed skirt

We will further tell you the reasons why you need a bed skirt as well as the right bed skirt that will suit your bedroom.

So without further ado, let us get right into it!


The Basics About A Bed Skirt

A bed skirt looks like those oversized sheets that are layered in the middle of the box spring and the mattress with some fabric extending towards the floor.

Meaning to say, it covers the bed frame, box spring, and all else stored beneath the bed.

It is used to be known as the dust riffle since its purpose is to help in preventing dust to form under the bed.

But other than that, it is also used to conceal your storage under the bed.

It is often included if you buy a set of bedding along with pillowcases, pillows, comforter, and sheets.

If the footboard and side rails of your bed frame are not decorative, you can use a bed skirt to hide its plain framework.

However, most mattresses nowadays no longer need box springs. Instead, they simply rest above a platform bed.

That is why a bed skirt is not required anymore to cover the box spring.

But if you intend to utilize the under-bed as storage or if the bed frame is not coherent with your design scheme, then get a bed skirt.

It is an inexpensive and stylish bedding option that will solve the issue.

It can also provide another texture and add warmth to your room during colder climates.


Reasons Why You Need A Bed Skirt

Perhaps, you own a set of box springs and traditional mattresses, then it is ideal to have a bed skirt.

It will share or complement your quilt or comforter’s color thereby creating a bed design that displays cohesion.

Without it, other bedding might not be able to cover the parts of the bed that is not attractive.

Other than this, there are some more reasons why you possibly need a bed skirt.

So, why do I need a bed skirt?

Below are three of them.


#1. A wrap-around bed skirt for cleanliness

Bed skirts are designed to be detachable for maximum cleanliness.

They would typically hang far down enough for it to block off dust particles accumulation.

If dust buildup underneath your bed it can cause unpleasantness such as dust mites for example.

But of course, getting a bed skirt is not the end-all solution to keeping the space below the bed clean.

However, it can minimize the frequency of cleaning required.


#2. For practicality

Another function that bed skirts serve is for drafts.

Although this issue is not that big anymore, it can cause the mattress underside to cool off.

As a result, it will make the entire mattress cold too, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep.

Regarding this matter though, a bed skirt is rather a luxury and not a necessity.


#3. It will enhance the look of the room

Most often than not, people get a bed skirt because they look great.

As mentioned earlier, it is used to cover up the legs of the bed frames as well as the box spring.

You might as well use this to conceal storage areas that are not that pleasing to the eyes.


Why Bed Skirt Will Suit Your Bedroom?

Choosing a bed skirt to use will depend on the particular style that you want to integrate into your room.

It’s either you get a gathered or a tailored one.

The latter offers a tidy finished look. You can use this in any kind of bed.

Bed skirts that are box pleated, on the other hand, are the most commonly used type of bed skirt.

The fabric is folded to create a pleat behind the fabric thereby creating a polished look on the exposed side of the fabric.

Some bed skirts have pleats onto their corners.

Other bed skirs also have pleats at the middles of the width and length providing more visual interest.

This pleat makes the bed skirt flat while at the same time preventing it to sag.

Perhaps, you have a soft room, it is best to go for a gathered type of bed skirt because it displays fullness and curvy lines.

They gather on fabric are created the same way as the curtain gathers onto a tension rod.

A gathered bed skirt commonly includes splits at the corners. This is to accommodate the posts of the bed.

If you opt for this, you have to expect a higher price since more materials are used for this.


It’s A Wrap!

After you find out what is a bed skirt, you probably have realized also that it is practical to use this given that it serves multiple purposes.

Aside from the fact that it makes an excellent décor, it can also reduce dust accumulation under the bed and hide any other unpleasant part of the bed.

You can also easily remove this whenever it needs to be washed.

Now, we’ve answered your question, why do I need a bed skirt?