How To Put A Bed Skirt Without Removing Mattress? In 3 Easy Steps!

Are you having a hard time knowing how to put a bed skirt without removing mattress? If so, then let me teach you furthermore on how it is done.

Bed skirts are decorative pieces of clothing inserted or tucked along with a mattress and a portion of your bed called a box spring.

how to put a bed skirt without removing mattress

They are used to enhance a good-looking bed is another purpose.

Most people use bed skirts to cover, not expose the box’s sides or any spaces underneath.

Do you need something to cover your hidden storages that are underneath or near your box spring?

Bed skirts can assist you with this issue.

You can also use them to dress up your standard box springs and mattress beds.

Overall, they’ll look fantastic when paired with a matching sheet set or comforter.

Regardless, let me teach you first how to put on a bed skirt without the need to remove your mattress.

Let me show you how you can do it in just seven easy steps.


Steps To Put A Bed Skirt Without Removing Mattress

A bed skirt is one of the most affordable and fashionable things that you can get these days at such a low price.

They can be either used for decoration, protection, etc.

Take note that these steps only apply when you are using a bed skirt without a platform.

Hence, it will be easier for you for the mattress doesn’t need to be removed.

Some bed skirts, always keep in mind that they may have elastics, screw pins, or a hook-and-loop feature that allows the skirt panels to attach to the sides or top edges.

They are different from mattress cover. If you want to know what mattress cover to use, click here.

Regardless, I’ve included some simple instructions to follow to install your bed skirt without any problem properly.

It may be subjective, and it is all up to your preference whether you want to follow these steps or not.

So, here are the steps on how to put a bed skirt without removing mattress:


Step #1. Measuring the bed skirt

Before anything else, make sure to use a tape measure to check if the bed skirt you chose is the correct size for the box spring.

There are some incidents where people don’t check the correct size for their beds, so check if it fits yours before buying one.


Step #2. Ironing the bed skirt

This step will necessitate the use of a clothing iron.

Please set it to a low heat setting, and you’re good to go.

To avoid burning the iron, make sure to preheat it first.

When ironing the bed skirt, spread it out to keep it from wrinkling.

This method will make it much easier for you to iron your bed skirt.

After that, please give it a nice iron to give it that polished, wrinkle-free look.

Isn’t it true that everyone prefers to look at something when it is neat and tidy?


Step #3. Styling your bed skirt

Voila! Once you have followed all the steps that I taught you, you are ready to finish this off by styling your bed skirt to give it a cleaner and nicer look.

Start by spreading your bed skirt out to make it easier to style.

There are some instances where people tend not to spread their bed skirt, which results in wrinkling.

Always remember to bunch the folds of a gathered bed skirt for a fuller appearance.

Adjust the split corners to hide the box spring beneath if it’s tailored.

There you go; you are all set and ready to sleep in your bed once again without worries and problems.


Related Questions

Let me answer few questions for you:


Do people still use bed skirts up to these days?

The answer is yes. Beds that rest on a box spring or metal frame need one.

They are a must for hiding the “skeleton” of the bed to make it look nicer.

Bed skirts used to be associated with frills and ruffles, but that is no longer the case.

I prefer a more smooth or tailored look these days, with clean and modern options without a flounce insight.


How do I wash my bed skirt?

If you have allergies or have furry pets, it is best advised that you should consider washing your bed skirts every 2 to 3 months of usage.

Once or twice a year should be enough too.

But for the best results to achieve that clean and wrinkle-free look, follow the instructions above.

Moreover, you want to check and make sure that the fabric is machine washable.

I suggest you read your bed skirt’s fabric-care directions if it has any.

Wash your bed skirt with cold water to keep it safe from possible damage.

And we’re done!

If you’re looking for more answers, you want to click here.



Today, we now have answered the question “How to put a bed skirt without removing mattress?” in that way, you will not have a hard time fixing it again.

I hope you have learned something and will keep these all in mind to prevent any problems aside when fixing your bed skirt or mattresses ever again.