Which is Better: Jersey or Cotton Fabric For Baby’s Bassinet Mattresses?

Jersey or cotton fabric for the mattress in a bassinet, and why one is better over the other. Jersey materials tend to be more durable than cotton which can easily become ripped or worn thin through constant laundering/use whereas jersey tends to hold up much longer against repeated laundering

Cotton materials tend to be more breathable than jersey which is good for humid climates, but not so great in the winter when a baby might get too cold. The main factor to take into consideration would have to be the climate where a parent lives, and what material will best suit that particular region.

Jersey or Cotton Fabric

In dryer regions such as Arizona or California, cotton tends to work better due to its softness & increased airflow. While in high humidity areas around Florida Jersey works well since it does not absorb moisture very readily


Steps on How to Wash Delta Bassinet Bedding

Step 1. Unsnap and remove the bassinet pad, then unzip the sheet with a seam ripper. Remove the mattress from the bottom rail by pressing down on top with one hand while you pull up a corner of the bottom rail with another hand (it’s too tight for fingers).

Step 2. The mattress will pop out easily; if it doesn’t, use needle-nose pliers to grab the metal ring in the centre and pull upward gently.

Step 3. Machine wash coverlet & percale sheets separately in warm water using AppleCheeks Wash or your preferred detergent at least once before first use (hand washing is recommended for fabric that might be prone to pillings like chenille or terry cloth).

Step 4. Tumble dry low or line dry until damp, then tumble dry low or iron percale sheets on warm with a damp cloth placed over the fabric to prevent scorching.


Steps on How to fold a Marie Kondo fitted sheet

Step 1. Fold the bottom of the fitted sheet over by matching up all four corners. If you want to, tuck in any excess fabric so there are no wrinkles or folds. – Then fold it again across its width so that you have a long strip with two folds along either side.

Step 2. Take your folded sheet and roll it up like a sleeping bag until only about an inch remains unrolled on one end. At this point, slip the other end into the gap created by pushing aside part of your first fold (the unroll portion should be inside).

It helps to use another person for this step! Once fully rolled, tie off both ends using sturdy string or cord. Place them under the baby’s mattress and you’re all set!

If the edges of your mattress are a little rough, consider using some sheets or blankets to cushion the baby’s head from any potential discomfort.


How long should it be?

You must make sure this sheet is not too short for the width of your mattress! You want about an inch leftover on each side so that when rolled up and tied with string or cord, there will have room for two knots along either edge.

The finished product should look like a big roll of fabric rather than a folded sheet. For most bassinets mattresses, three feet is usually more than enough length needed but if in doubt err on the longer side as you can always trim more off if you need to.


How wide should it be?

The finished sheet must fit snugly around your mattress so there are not any gaps or extra fabric hanging down on either side.

A good way to measure this is by laying two tight-fitting mattress pads/sheets along each edge of your bassinet mattress and measuring how much overlap you have which will give you an idea of how far apart they need to be sewn together for them both to fit perfectly under the rolled-up cloth at once.

Remember, with a little stretch these seams do not have to match exactly but only needs to look fairly symmetrical when placed next to each other. For most standard sized bassinet mattresses, the seams can be about


Are there any dangers in buying used bassinets?

Some people recommend that you should not buy a used bassinet as there is no way of knowing if it has been cleaned properly or how many times it has been used. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a clean and safe second-hand one so long as you take the necessary precautions to ensure its safety before using it for your baby.

You have to make sure that all parts are in good working order so they don’t break off while being transported from place to place inside your home especially when moving around corners at high speed.

Also, check whether the wheels lock into position because some models might be difficult to steer unless they’re locked securely into place. the loose wheel could cause an accident.


How many yards of fabric do I need for a fitted crib sheet? 

A fitted crib sheet usually requires about 28 x 52 inches of fabric    – For an average size crib mattress, you’ll need about 52 x 70 inches of material. If the cover is made with two fabrics, it will require 86 70 inches.

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