Where To Sell Mattress? Best Guide For Beginners

If you want to know where to sell mattress, you can start at home. You can consider offering your used bed, but you can also try becoming a mattress retailer. It can be a profitable endeavor, as long as you know what to expect and do. 

This article will give you a glance at how to plan a good mattress selling business. Remember that much like anything you’ll sell; you have to know where to start to ensure that you’ll get buyers. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Where To Sell Mattress


Where And How To Sell Mattresses


From home

Did you know that you can consider selling mattresses at home? Mattresses can be a good business endeavor for independent retailers because beds need to be replaced after several years. You can sell your used mattress, but you can also run a mattress business itself right at the comfort of your own home.


How to start

To give you a quick gist of what needs to be done for this business, you need to check in with your state regarding the documents they require. This is why it’s better to sell mattresses right in your area since you might be familiar with the permits and other businesses’ requirements. 

More so, remember that you will need various documents depending on your city or state to get mattresses to sell in the first place. Once you have the permits to operate a retail business, find a mattress manufacturer to buy wholesale. Ideally, your distributor should be relatively close to have lower shipping costs. 

You then want to prepare where you can store your mattresses safely. A good storage facility will keep your mattresses in good shape and protect them from dirt and pests. Once done, you can start with a standard inventory of beds and post ads on websites and all over local stores.


Bonus tip for success

The best place to sell mattresses can be anywhere as long as you know what is in demand. For example, if your area has many college students, it’s best to sell mattresses that will typically fit a college student’s budget. More so, this crowd won’t need something big like a king-size mattress, so focus on dorm-friendly beds like twin-size beds or even futons.


Is It Illegal To Sell Beds?

It’s not illegal to sell beds as long as you obtain all the permits and requirements of your local city or state. But if you plan on selling your used mattress, you have more considerations to keep in mind. Every state differs in its requirements and laws for used mattresses, so check in with your area before you offer and make an ad for your used bed. 

Generally, you should never claim that a mattress is brand new if it’s not. And if you used other materials from an old bed to make a new one, you should also tag your product correctly. Individuals and retailers have different laws that they need to follow, so prepare everything accordingly to avoid selling issues. 

What if you want to become a mattress retailer of new beds? The best and legal way to do this is to contact the brand you’re interested in. By becoming an authorized distributor of a specific mattress brand, they should also guide you in what you need to submit for your business. 


Can You Make Money Selling Mattresses?


Used mattresses

You can get some extra bucks with your old mattress as long as its condition is fair for the buyer. You can also deconstruct it and sell some parts if the whole bed is no longer usable. A used mattress can sell for 20% of its original retail price, but you have to factor in how well you cleaned and maintained it. 


New mattresses

You can make money by becoming a mattress retailer because the investment isn’t that high, to begin with. And while you need a good storage facility, you don’t need to stock mattresses for a long time, hence low inventory requirements as well. Finally, remember that you are franchising from huge companies capable of purchasing many products at low costs. 


How Can I Sell My Mattress?

You can start selling your used mattress online or in shops that will take it from you. You can even use social media to reach out to potential buyers and converse with them quickly. But how do you make an effective advertisement that guarantees a sale?

First, honesty is essential, so list all the details about your mattress. You should also include how long it has been yours and what sanitation procedures you’ve done for it. If you became a mattress retailer, the brand would educate you on how to sell effectively. 



Do you have an old mattress to sell or you want to venture into the mattress-selling business? If so, the number one question that pops to mind is where to sell mattress. The good news is you don’t have to travel far because your location would work as long as you know what to expect. 

You just have to secure your state or city’s requirements and then have target sellers in mind. Do note that retailers and individuals have different laws to follow, so make sure to do your homework. You can also check out mattress brands if they are willing to have you as their distributor.